To Breathe in Sunlight – Working with Chakras and Light in Meditation

Recently I have been finding this meditation practice useful for grounding, and bodywork. I now often use this technique start to my meditation, to bring me into my body and then beyond. You can use it as a technique in any meditation or as a meditation in itself.

You can introduce elements of it into the mindfulness of breathing, the metta bhavana, or visualisation. Although it is good to practise the strict forms as well, I like a range of tools to help me into deep concentration. This helps me incorporate body, dissolve body, and enter skylike awareness.


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I use a lot of tools and imagery in my meditation, most of which I have already written about or incorporated into guided meditations. I am aware that these will not be for everyone, but since they help me to catapult awareness into higher dimensions I am going to keep sharing them. They probably change all the time, like most things, but this is where they are at the moment.

They are conditioned by a love of skygazing, my love of sunshine as a metaphor and a visualisation, and by an emerging interest in sungazing, which I have written about and are coming soon.

Recently I am often distracted by lightshows, and this is one way to use them rather than let them make me forget why I’m sat on the cushion. I find a way to let the lights take me into infinite light. With practise, this isn’t a laborious or detailed visualisation, the pathway is beaten already, and with time and repetition you can almost jump to infinite mind.


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Wikipedia Commons


I start with a minute or two of just sitting, and then I do some chakra work. There is a lot to say about the chakras, but I have a series of articles to edit about this so I won’t go into great detail here.

First I tune in to the body, breathing out tensions and noticing energies and blockages. I then open the root chakra, and from it extend a chord to the centre of the earth, and from there light is drawn up, making a small sun of each chakra in turn. I breathe the light into each chakra in turn, a few breaths on each one, brightening with inbreath, clearing with outbreath, until at the crown I open that up to the light of space or sun.

I ensure the light from below can escape up through the crown and that the light from above can in turn travel down and out through the root. In this way, the body becomes gradually more light, gradually filled with sunlight, rainbows, or healing nectar of light.

Sometimes I invoke an ally such as Vajrasattva or Tara, to help, use whatever suits your beliefs. I think you can use different qualities of light, perhaps whatever you can visualise easily – if you are using bright sunlight peek at the sun to remind yourself how bright it is.

When I have a sense that the light is working, I then allow the edges to slowly dissolve, breathing in the light, yet the light in my body is slowly merging with the infinite light. Thus any sense of consciousness limited by body is melted, and then any sense of edge or limit to infinite consciousness is shattered,  again and again until there is a sense of the infinite.


In this way, mind stretches and expands, becoming like sky, like space. There are elements of Dzogchen in this, elements of yoga, elements of the six element practise, visualisation. There are however also elements of metta, and breath. It is as if the light is metta, working with light as metta works wonders for me.

To start with an experience of the Mind, of drifting free consciousness, unhooked from body or mind or feeling, is quite a nice place to start from. Once I establish a sense of this, I will quite often come back into the metta bhavana, or one pointed awareness, the tip of the nose an anchor, a rock upon which break the waves of reality. In and out, inner and outer, one is the other and the other is one.


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Light and rainbows are present in many tantric meditations. In particular I associate rainbows with Tara and Padmasambhava. Amitabha is the Buddha of Infinite Light and his realm is that of the setting sun, also Vairocana is the Buddha of the Sun, of Infinite Space, like his beautiful consort Akasadatesvari.

Sky is also the realm of the Dakini, the sky dancers, and if the mythic dimensions of tantra appeals then there is no finer book than Vessantara’s ‘Meeting the Buddhas,’ link below.

There are articles coming soon about chakra meditations, sun gazing, sky gazing and Dzogchen. I will also be recording some new meditations.


Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons


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