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Universe as Teacher, Universe as I

I write this, and decide to break a long silence. I had a copyright claim against me, and a divorce to cope with, so despite writing at length of pain, and of ways to cope with pain, I have felt unable to publish this yet. I have written much for people in recovery which I will post soon, and have more recently been exploring shamanism and druidry, and a living connection with nature which is inspiring me beautifully.

I don’t see this as separate or different from buddhism, the buddha having lived in connection with the natural world and its spirits and beings. I started to write about the way in which nature can sometimes seem to communicate with us, teach us, connect us with our wild nature, but this article evolved into something else.

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The Buddha’s Activity is as Sunlight Dancing on the Waters of Time

If you had been out walking one night, two and a half millennia across time, you might have seen, framed against the moonlight shining on the river, a meditating figure. There would have been something deeply compelling about this sight, about the enigmatic smile and peaceful countenance.

Had you been out again the next morning, the same sight would have greeted you, except this time he would be framed by golden light of the sparkling sunshine, dancing on the surface of the gently flowing stream.

What you would not know, what you could not know, is that in the sparkling stream of consciousness connecting the two sights, the most profound event for life in this aeon had arisen. A Buddha had come to be.
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Amoghasiddhi – The Green Buddha of the North – Fearless Energy and Action

What you see in an image of the Buddha is only limited by your experience and imagination. It is a portal, through which you come to access ever more meaning, ever more of the transcendental, as you become ever more receptive to the kiss of the beyond.

Have you ever tried to look at the sun?

When you do, or even squint, or even at a light like this one, you don’t only see the warm brilliant white. You actually see other colours dancing in the rays and in your eyelashes like hinted rainbows. You see red, and yellow, and blue, and you see green. The Mandala is like this, for the brilliance of the Buddha is too much to take in, too bright to look at.
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Warriors and Demons – Wrath and Faith

The wrathful buddha, or bodhisattva, is a powerful image, and a powerful mythic force summoned to overcome the forces of samsara. A fearless ally to help you overcome your greed or your selfishness, to burn and tear at your shadow, to bring light into the darkness.

Any journey into the light begins with facing the shadow, it is the foundation for any path. Without facing the demons, they jostle and rage, ready to act out with violence or ill-will at any opportunity. So it is collectively as well, our shadow is running riot, so it must be faced and illuminated, as difficult and painful as it is.

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Right Speech – Words are Worlds

Thought, speech and action are all intimately connected, form part of the same karmic chains. All condition each other, all are actions, all create ripples and effects,  all can form powerful manifestations. Transforming your speech reflects the whole path.

Your words, whether written or spoken, even whether said or unsaid, can cause suffering, sorrow and harm, but also great joy and inspiration, so choose them wisely as they echo in eternity. Continue reading Right Speech – Words are Worlds

Danger – May Cause Awakening!

Free Image from Pixabay
Free Image from Pixabay



I  warn you that this piece of writing has the potential to destroy your concepts, your mind is liable to shattering and dissolving. So please feel sane, feel happy and healthy before reading. Continue reading Danger – May Cause Awakening!

A Book of Light, and the Whispers of a Buddha

So I have a beautiful new book, it is already precious to me, as I sit, and the teachings of conditionality, or pratitya samutpada quietly echo and thunderously resound through my consciousness.

A new dharma book that I am looking forward to reading. To me it contains wisdom, the promise of raising my level of consciousness, it affords me a feeling of virtue, of purity. Strangely, amazingly fortunate that I am sitting here with it. The causes and conditions of this bizarre confluence overwhelms.

Deliciously complex, yet ever so simple, all that leads to me sat here reflecting on dharma. You might gently apply this wisdom to the situation of you sitting reading this article. Now I’m going to use this wonderful situation for insight, without reading it. I’m going to dissolve it. Simple concepts, profound if experience.

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Tonglen – Gently Beheading the Ego

Taking and giving. In meditation one visualises breathing in the sufferings of the world, and breathing out relief, or happiness. It is a training in altruism. This meditation will reduce selfish attachment, increase a sense of renunciation, create good karma by giving, and to develop and expand loving-kindness and bodhicitta. All six perfections are involved – giving, ethics, patience, joyous effort, concentration, and wisdom. Continue reading Tonglen – Gently Beheading the Ego

Facebook and the Bodhisattva – Mirrors and Memes, Ego and Envy, Facades and Fearlessness

I come up against all my various responses to humanity when I look at Facebook. It is an obsession for so many people, an addiction, a window through which we relate to the world and assess our lives. What is it we are doing and why?

I see friends who are obviously successful in the material sense, a plethora of exotic locations and smiles. I see a wife who I might covet if I allowed myself to get sucked in and look at all the photos chosen to show off her beauty. I see children everywhere, abundance, successes, reminders of my own choices, my own battles. I see those who would share every thought, every detail of their lives, and the cries of the needy and the lonely. Continue reading Facebook and the Bodhisattva – Mirrors and Memes, Ego and Envy, Facades and Fearlessness