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Anapanasati – Breath Meditation in the Ancient Sutras

This sutra is a direct teaching on meditation from the Buddha, and is one of the core texts for meditation on the breath. I recently studied it and was surprised at how much I learned and experienced. Anapana literally means in and out breath, pana being the pali for prana, which is breath or energy in sanskrit. Sati means mindfulness or awareness. So the name literally means the mindfulness of the in and out breathing.

Breath meditation is the way in which the Buddha is said to have attained his enlightenment, so its importance cannot be underestimated as a method of development.  I associate the breath with images of clouds and skies and mountains, with elevation, coolness, freshness, spaciousness, brightness and majestic beauty. Continue reading Anapanasati – Breath Meditation in the Ancient Sutras

The Sutra of Golden Light

I knew that this sutra was for me when I first came across the title of it. If you have read my early posts about sunshine, and the connection I make between the highest spiritual experiences, and infinite light and infinite love, then you will understand what it is I call sunshine. This blog could almost be called the Way of the Golden Light.

I believe there is a realm, a plane, beyond that which is seen or sensed, a kind of field, which is just like sunshine without any limit or edge. It is the space from which it all emerges and to which it all returns, it is the illimitable, the absolute, the tao, the great spirit, the godhead and the buddhafield.

This boundless light is known by many names, and is accessible in meditation. There are traditions which centre around unity with this light, and contact with it.  Continue reading The Sutra of Golden Light