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The Buddha’s Activity is as Sunlight Dancing on the Waters of Time

If you had been out walking one night, two and a half millennia across time, you might have seen, framed against the moonlight shining on the river, a meditating figure. There would have been something deeply compelling about this sight, about the enigmatic smile and peaceful countenance.

Had you been out again the next morning, the same sight would have greeted you, except this time he would be framed by golden light of the sparkling sunshine, dancing on the surface of the gently flowing stream.

What you would not know, what you could not know, is that in the sparkling stream of consciousness connecting the two sights, the most profound event for life in this aeon had arisen. A Buddha had come to be.
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The Sutra of Golden Light

I knew that this sutra was for me when I first came across the title of it. If you have read my early posts about sunshine, and the connection I make between the highest spiritual experiences, and infinite light and infinite love, then you will understand what it is I call sunshine. This blog could almost be called the Way of the Golden Light.

I believe there is a realm, a plane, beyond that which is seen or sensed, a kind of field, which is just like sunshine without any limit or edge. It is the space from which it all emerges and to which it all returns, it is the illimitable, the absolute, the tao, the great spirit, the godhead and the buddhafield.

This boundless light is known by many names, and is accessible in meditation. There are traditions which centre around unity with this light, and contact with it.  Continue reading The Sutra of Golden Light

Fragile is the Seed on its Way to the Sunshine

Once upon a time there was a seed, and it had been tossed and turned about in the soil. It was anxious and unhappy, for it was sure there was something it needed to do. It was as if it had forgotten why it was here, and as if the conditions were not quite right for it.

So one lovely day, one gorgeous, auspicious morning, it had a glimpse of the sunshine. It  saw something so beautiful, bright, and wonderful that it wished to crack open, unfurl and grow, so that it could once again know that warmth and brightness.
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Sungazing Film

This is not the reason for the name of this blog, thought it is a practise I am interested in. I shouldn’t really recommend it as there may be risks to the eyes.

I live somewhere where I can see the sun go down over the ocean, so I am no stranger to sky gazing. Last night I had a magical experience with the sunlight playing in my eyes, such beauty as I cannot express. Of course I tried though, and the articles are coming soon.



I was blissed out and lazily eyeing the sinking sun. It was a beautiful orange, blazing and dancing with my eyelashes. I played with my vision, allowing my eyes to almost close, when I noticed a strange field of light. In it were amazing patterns, rainbows rippling and spreading in circles, laser shows, and light playing as if underwater.

I imagined that the sun was as God or Buddha, the dazzling light with its attendant rainbows was like the healing light that we can visualise. The sun is my heart, then it is my other chakras, in turn, breathing in the brightness to illuminate my chakras and my third eye. Mind sunlight, sunlight mind. Heart sunlight, sunlight heart.

Again and again, and you have to use it to see it, I see sunlight as metta, breathing in metta, breathing out metta and letting it be as bright and dazzling, as warming and nourishing as sunshine, as it radiates from the heart to light all beings.


Danger – May Cause Awakening!

Free Image from Pixabay
Free Image from Pixabay



I  warn you that this piece of writing has the potential to destroy your concepts, your mind is liable to shattering and dissolving. So please feel sane, feel happy and healthy before reading. Continue reading Danger – May Cause Awakening!

Meditating in Nature, and Sitting in the Sunshine

I learned about this when I was working with a group called Buddhafield, who put on camping retreats. Its an amazing setup, everything is done in the open air or in yurts or large domes, with the meditation or shrine tent made with saplings and canvas, with candles and thangkas inside it with a beautiful shrine.

I used to prefer meditating in the open air, especially when the sun was out. I was in charge of the hot tubs on some retreats which meant I was next to the river tending the fires. I created a grotto, with hanging tealights in red jars, a little platform over the stream which I could sit on, and my little library. I was in a heaven really, ensuring the tubs were hot and people were happy and their time in the tubs was relaxing. There was nothing better after a long days meditation and puja than getting naked in a hot tub under the stars, which are very clear in Devon. Continue reading Meditating in Nature, and Sitting in the Sunshine

Sunlight, Impermanence, and Equanimity

I like to explore the parallels between the natural world and our inner world, to make connections between the world of feelings and the world of form. Just as the cold, dark days are followed by brighter ones, just as the night is followed by day the seasons of the soul will unfold, our weather will arise and pass. Continue reading Sunlight, Impermanence, and Equanimity