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Danger – May Cause Awakening!

Free Image from Pixabay
Free Image from Pixabay



I  warn you that this piece of writing has the potential to destroy your concepts, your mind is liable to shattering and dissolving. So please feel sane, feel happy and healthy before reading. Continue reading Danger – May Cause Awakening!

Meditating in Nature, and Sitting in the Sunshine

I learned about this when I was working with a group called Buddhafield, who put on camping retreats. Its an amazing setup, everything is done in the open air or in yurts or large domes, with the meditation or shrine tent made with saplings and canvas, with candles and thangkas inside it with a beautiful shrine.

I used to prefer meditating in the open air, especially when the sun was out. I was in charge of the hot tubs on some retreats which meant I was next to the river tending the fires. I created a grotto, with hanging tealights in red jars, a little platform over the stream which I could sit on, and my little library. I was in a heaven really, ensuring the tubs were hot and people were happy and their time in the tubs was relaxing. There was nothing better after a long days meditation and puja than getting naked in a hot tub under the stars, which are very clear in Devon. Continue reading Meditating in Nature, and Sitting in the Sunshine