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Wonder and Awe

From the infinitely vast to the emptiness in the atom and the subatomic dance, from dimensions unknown to the stretching of time, I find awe. Our survival demands evolution, which demands transformation, which demands practice. The principle of practice is simple, we take regular steps, and we take care of every moment and every being as best we can.

For this to happen, we need to stay inspired,  so that what is highest in you is in contact with what is highest in the universe. What for you causes that resonance, that shimmering and sparkling in the heights of your being? What is it that connects you to awe and wonder? How do you stay connected and stay inspired, how do you keep it alive in your practice?

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Shall We Evolve?

It would not be a completely unreasonable assertion to say that people today are the fruit of the endless and beginningless conditions of evolution. Although many are open or even fully believe in more advanced species occurring elsewhere in the cosmos, we are at least the most advanced species most of us have actually seen.

If we are an advanced species, then it is clear that we are not advanced enough. If we were, we would immediately cease all acts of hatred, greed, and selfishness, and behave as though we respect our habitat. We are behaving like angry children, creating mess and throwing tantrums around the world. It is very simple, if we don’t make a serious effort to grow up then the choice will be removed. There will be no habitat.

Fortunately, change is inevitable, and we are able to change and grow for the good. We can simply decide to evolve. Continue reading Shall We Evolve?

Fragile is the Seed on its Way to the Sunshine

Once upon a time there was a seed, and it had been tossed and turned about in the soil. It was anxious and unhappy, for it was sure there was something it needed to do. It was as if it had forgotten why it was here, and as if the conditions were not quite right for it.

So one lovely day, one gorgeous, auspicious morning, it had a glimpse of the sunshine. It  saw something so beautiful, bright, and wonderful that it wished to crack open, unfurl and grow, so that it could once again know that warmth and brightness.
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Positive Thinking – Learn Affirmations and Your First Meditation

Positive thinking is the basis for happiness.

The way to gain mastery of your thoughts and emotions is through meditation and discipline. Great awareness is needed to constantly notice and reframe the contents of consciousness.  Try this, just sit now and close your eyes for a few minutes with the aim of noticing what thoughts happen, and whether they are of a positive or a negative nature. Continue reading Positive Thinking – Learn Affirmations and Your First Meditation

A Letter to the Addict – A Seed of Hope and a Lamp for the Path

Let me  take you on a journey, from the hells of addiction to the peaks of experience. I wish I had heard this when I was younger, so please allow me to give you a gift, a gift I need to give.

We all seek a refuge in life, we all seek happiness and freedom. Drugs and alcohol are an easy way out, a well trod path from pain. Sadly though, they lead to more suffering.

Addiction is very much like a cave system, you leave the world and go into a warm and inviting room. A cosy pub or party, with smiles and beautiful,  jolly people. You like it there, and you want to stay. Your social life is now a search for this feeling of cosiness, of security, of confidence, of smiles. Continue reading A Letter to the Addict – A Seed of Hope and a Lamp for the Path

Believing in Enlightenment – Existentialism, Doubt, Lemmings, and Hope

Creating the self. We are essentially a product of what we think about and our beliefs. Believing in enlightenment,  or tao, or approaching God, or some way of framing a goal  is important to keep us practising. This belief, simply put, changes our consciousness, and involves working with our consciousness in some way. Continue reading Believing in Enlightenment – Existentialism, Doubt, Lemmings, and Hope

Regret – Times Gone, Loss, Change and Letting Go into the New

In meditation recently and out, I have been noticing some regret, a colouring of my experience through looking back. Comparing where I am at to where I was, the opportunities I had, and failed to grasp.Regret that I let things slide, that I put on weight, or had that relapse. Regretting change. Continue reading Regret – Times Gone, Loss, Change and Letting Go into the New

Gratitude – One of the Keys to Happiness

It is a deep and profound joy that can settle on you when you practice gratitude. Meditating on gratitude, or the many blessings that are in every life, generates a magical energy which touches your every thought and deed.

Gratitude is the ultimate prayer, the keystone to positive thinking and manifesting, and thus one of the keys to happiness. Continue reading Gratitude – One of the Keys to Happiness


What is it you wish you did that you don’t?

What do you put off for whatever reason?

You can’t live in the future, and you can’t have your rewards in the future either. Why wait until x is right or y is done, or z conditions are in place? There is never a perfect time or place, there is only here and now. If we wish to achieve anything, we can only ever progress here and now.  Continue reading Procrastination