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Anapanasati – Breath Meditation in the Ancient Sutras

This sutra is a direct teaching on meditation from the Buddha, and is one of the core texts for meditation on the breath. I recently studied it and was surprised at how much I learned and experienced. Anapana literally means in and out breath, pana being the pali for prana, which is breath or energy in sanskrit. Sati means mindfulness or awareness. So the name literally means the mindfulness of the in and out breathing.

Breath meditation is the way in which the Buddha is said to have attained his enlightenment, so its importance cannot be underestimated as a method of development.  I associate the breath with images of clouds and skies and mountains, with elevation, coolness, freshness, spaciousness, brightness and majestic beauty. Continue reading Anapanasati – Breath Meditation in the Ancient Sutras

Mind the Gap – Mindfulness and Boarding Psychic Trains

Mindfulness, a term so often used nowadays, so often removed from the context of a system of spiritual development. One might even say it has been commercialised, turned into a brand, a product. True mindfulness cannot be achieved without the elements which support its development; ethics, wisdom and meditation are a tripod that support spiritual development, they hold up the path.

Mindfulness is essentially guarding the senses, or rather, guarding the consciousness of all six sense inputs (five plus mind) to prevent proliferation occurring. This means that when a smell, a sound, a sight, or a thought arises, we are alert enough to be aware that a sense impression has arisen, and that if we jump on board reactive thought trains, we will soon be lost in fantasy or anger or craving. Continue reading Mind the Gap – Mindfulness and Boarding Psychic Trains

Regret – Times Gone, Loss, Change and Letting Go into the New

In meditation recently and out, I have been noticing some regret, a colouring of my experience through looking back. Comparing where I am at to where I was, the opportunities I had, and failed to grasp.Regret that I let things slide, that I put on weight, or had that relapse. Regretting change. Continue reading Regret – Times Gone, Loss, Change and Letting Go into the New

Cleansing the Doors of Perception


Cleansing the doors of perception everything would be seen as it is, infinite

William Blake

Just looking. Seeing things as they are. Just hearing, just smelling, just looking. This is mindfulness, and in this sense mindfulness can be a warm awareness that encompasses all, our whole experience inner and outer. The breathing meditation is to cultivate this deep awareness of everything we do. Continue reading Cleansing the Doors of Perception

The Present Moment, Thoughts, and Learning to Just Be

The present moment is all we ever have, thus the present moment, the right here and now, must be your focus. It is through surrendering to what is and gratitude for the present moment that life starts to involve joy and peace of mind.

Life spent in anticipation or nostalgia, future or past, is not life at all but mere imaginings of life. Life is only ever here, and most of what you spend your days worrying about will never come to pass.

So relax, open up, smash through the mind fogs and experience the vastness of the consciousness free from structures and forms. Can you hear the silence beneath the sounds? Continue reading The Present Moment, Thoughts, and Learning to Just Be