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Guided Metta Meditation – Limitless Blessings

Padmasambhava said of this practice that it was a very powerful kind of magic, and I believe him. I remember many years ago sitting on a bus and suddenly becoming aware of the fact that I had been  simply radiating loving kindness to all the other passengers. After a short period of practice  my psyche was transformed, such a shift from the usual self-centred mind drivel.

It works on so many levels, on the level of self love, on the level of not discriminating, on the level of growing your love, your friendliness, and your empathy. It works to build community and dissolve anger and hatred, and helps you work with the subtle energies in you that lead to these states. The little jealousies and intolerances, the judgements, they can’t survive in the radiant glare of kindly awareness. Continue reading Guided Metta Meditation – Limitless Blessings

Sungazing Film

This is not the reason for the name of this blog, thought it is a practise I am interested in. I shouldn’t really recommend it as there may be risks to the eyes.

I live somewhere where I can see the sun go down over the ocean, so I am no stranger to sky gazing. Last night I had a magical experience with the sunlight playing in my eyes, such beauty as I cannot express. Of course I tried though, and the articles are coming soon.



I was blissed out and lazily eyeing the sinking sun. It was a beautiful orange, blazing and dancing with my eyelashes. I played with my vision, allowing my eyes to almost close, when I noticed a strange field of light. In it were amazing patterns, rainbows rippling and spreading in circles, laser shows, and light playing as if underwater.

I imagined that the sun was as God or Buddha, the dazzling light with its attendant rainbows was like the healing light that we can visualise. The sun is my heart, then it is my other chakras, in turn, breathing in the brightness to illuminate my chakras and my third eye. Mind sunlight, sunlight mind. Heart sunlight, sunlight heart.

Again and again, and you have to use it to see it, I see sunlight as metta, breathing in metta, breathing out metta and letting it be as bright and dazzling, as warming and nourishing as sunshine, as it radiates from the heart to light all beings.


The Art and the Nature of True and Lasting Happiness

May I be well, may I be happy, may I be free from suffering.

May you be well, may you be happy, may you be free from suffering.

May they be well, may they be happy, may they be free from suffering.

May all be well, may all be happy, may all be free from suffering.


Metta Bhavana Meditation


We use these phrases in our meditation, essentially to take well-wishing and open it out to include all that lives. Metta is deep welling kindness, a selfless brightness, a dazzling fire that totally transforms us. Continue reading The Art and the Nature of True and Lasting Happiness

To Breathe in Sunlight – Working with Chakras and Light in Meditation

Recently I have been finding this meditation practice useful for grounding, and bodywork. I now often use this technique start to my meditation, to bring me into my body and then beyond. You can use it as a technique in any meditation or as a meditation in itself.

You can introduce elements of it into the mindfulness of breathing, the metta bhavana, or visualisation, although it is good to practise the strict forms as well, I like a range of tools to help me into deep concentration. This helps me incorporate body, dissolve body, and enter skylike awareness. Continue reading To Breathe in Sunlight – Working with Chakras and Light in Meditation

Danger – May Cause Awakening!

Free Image from Pixabay
Free Image from Pixabay



I  warn you that this piece of writing has the potential to destroy your concepts, your mind is liable to shattering and dissolving. So please feel sane, feel happy and healthy before reading. Continue reading Danger – May Cause Awakening!

Awakening Bodhicitta: Kamalashila, Rainbows and Tonglen

The awakening of bodhicitta, the will to attain the end of suffering as all beings and not as a self, begins with an acknowledgement of whats there, whats real.

How you relate to self and other is always in your experience somewhere, and watching, with a kind mind, the tendencies you have to react to others’ suffering, to the terrible problems in the world, is the first step. What is your raw material? Continue reading Awakening Bodhicitta: Kamalashila, Rainbows and Tonglen

Transformation of Suffering – Re-Wiring Self-Cherishing and Opening Out

Sometimes in life or in meditation there is suffering.

Loneliness. Feeling trapped. Feeling lost, confused. Unhappiness, feeling unfulfilled, something is not quite right. Continue reading Transformation of Suffering – Re-Wiring Self-Cherishing and Opening Out

Regret – Times Gone, Loss, Change and Letting Go into the New

In meditation recently and out, I have been noticing some regret, a colouring of my experience through looking back. Comparing where I am at to where I was, the opportunities I had, and failed to grasp.Regret that I let things slide, that I put on weight, or had that relapse. Regretting change. Continue reading Regret – Times Gone, Loss, Change and Letting Go into the New

Cleansing the Doors of Perception


Cleansing the doors of perception everything would be seen as it is, infinite

William Blake

Just looking. Seeing things as they are. Just hearing, just smelling, just looking. This is mindfulness, and in this sense mindfulness can be a warm awareness that encompasses all, our whole experience inner and outer. The breathing meditation is to cultivate this deep awareness of everything we do. Continue reading Cleansing the Doors of Perception

Metta from the Sun – Moving Beyond

The wisdom teachings,  or the literature of the prajna-paramita (perfection of wisdom) make it clear that in ultimate reality there is no separation of beings. Is is as if all “beings” are emanations of the same field of light.

Indeed the teachings on interconnectedness speak of beings as being like beams of light all interconnecting. In this sense, again the sunshine metaphor is perfect, as something like sunshine is the essence and field from which we all emanate. So this sunshine is the buddhafield, the tao from which all arises and to which all returns. Continue reading Metta from the Sun – Moving Beyond