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Ratnasambhava – The Golden Buddha of the South

To understand the significance of the Buddhas, it may be worth reading the introduction to the mandala of the five Buddhas, which explains a little more about what they really are and how they evolved in the archetypal Vajrayana Buddhist imagination. Effectively how real they are, and in what way they are real, is left to you. They are not like Gods, they represent aspects of the enlightened mind, and as such, are both real and unreal, both archetype and other power.

Ratnasambhava is the gorgeous bright Buddha of the southern realm, made of golden light, made of the summer, of generosity and abundance, giving and equanimity. He is the sunshine at its bright zenith, the reworking of the mind and heart to include all life in one’s outlook rather than the limited one self. Continue reading Ratnasambhava – The Golden Buddha of the South

Akshobya – The Deep Blue Buddha of the East

Once upon a time, in a world far away, a monk made a vow. The world was called Abhirati, the world of intense delight. Here there lived a Buddha called Visalaksa, and one day the monk told him that he wished to gain Enlightenment for the sake of all beings. The Buddha warned him that this would be an immense task, but determined and fearless, the monk took a series of vows. He would never again give way to anger, or hatred or malice, and never engage in unethical conduct, among other vows.

As he took the vow, he touched the earth, which shook, which trembled in response. So for a very long time, and over many lifetimes, he was unshakeable (Akshobya) and held to these vows. Eventually he achieved Buddhahood and created a pure land called Abhirati. Continue reading Akshobya – The Deep Blue Buddha of the East

Amoghasiddhi – The Green Buddha of the North – Fearless Energy and Action

What you see in an image of the Buddha is only limited by your experience and imagination. It is a portal, through which you come to access ever more meaning, ever more of the transcendental, as you become ever more receptive to the kiss of the beyond.

Have you ever tried to look at the sun?

When you do, or even squint, or even at a light like this one, you don’t only see the warm brilliant white. You actually see other colours dancing in the rays and in your eyelashes like hinted rainbows. You see red, and yellow, and blue, and you see green. The Mandala is like this, for the brilliance of the Buddha is too much to take in, too bright to look at.
Continue reading Amoghasiddhi – The Green Buddha of the North – Fearless Energy and Action