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The Fault in our Vision which Might End Human Existence

There is a fulcrum in the process of perception which is a delusion, and from that delusion follow craving, attachment and aversion, and therefore suffering. This fulcrum is an assumption under which we labour, which is a false assumption, and if we can manage to turn that fulcrum upside down, or rather, set it back up the right way, then the way in which we relate to the world, things, people, events, the senses and the emotions is changed and gone is the majority of our suffering.

The delusion is this. We are brought up to think that we are a separate and independent being, and as a result of that, everything that is not a part of that being is other, and is a threat or something to be desired. We have consciousness, in which are various arisings, and because we see we assume a see-er, because we think we assume a thinker, because we feel we assume a self that feels. It is a catastrophic fault of vision, to assume this self. We see this self as being evident as a separate body, an independent mind, perhaps even a soul. Continue reading The Fault in our Vision which Might End Human Existence

Four Mind-Turning Reflections and the Threefold Way

Another year has passed, and we are reminded of the passing of time. The numbers change, the years of our lives pass. To recollect the preciousness of our time is not depressing, but a reminder that it is to be cherished, this gift of life. Yesterday I wrote about setting goals and deciding to achieve them, and also about the joy of giving, and ways we might better serve our communities and our world.

However, I want to suggest that whatever your faith, however you define or label yourself in religious or non-religious terms, that one of the best and healthiest resolutions you could make are to turn your mind to its patterns and conditioning, and begin to know freedom from the processes with which the mind decides that things are not right, and that you need x or y to make you happy. I want to offer the possibility of freedom from craving and grasping and clinging, I want to suggest you learn to meditate. Continue reading Four Mind-Turning Reflections and the Threefold Way

Shall We Evolve? A Footnote

These corporations who seem so powerful are not mythic monsters, they are merely conditioned arisings. Phenomena that come to be and must by their birth and growth decay and die.


Free Image from Pixabay
Free Image from Pixabay


All things are like this, they are impermanent, they lack any solidity. If one by one we stop believing that getting things is the key to happiness. If we stop buying from them, then corporations will turn to dust before our eyes.

Even if they have governments and nations in their pockets, even if they own the police and the armies, their reign is but a flash of lightning in the night sky. Storms pass and dawns come.

They are not evil, they simply exist due to greed and cause further greed. Once our vision is wider than little greed, the conditions that create them will simply no longer be there.




In Buddhism greed, hatred and delusion are the demons. Only by wisdom and compassion can these demons be turned. Their time has passed. Now is the time for liberation. Now is the time to remember what is beautiful.

Even greed is conditioned, even hate, even selfishness, even foolishness. They too, can be turned to ash by the fires of transformation. One day this time of war and greed and destruction will be but a memory used to teach and inspire children, so that it may never return.

So embrace change, for change is what will cause a better world. Your change.

Everything that lives is holy

William Blake

Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons


When you watch a sky, every moment of cloudscape is impermanent, empty of any substance, like an illusionary dance. In that dance is  absolute singularity, every sunset a unique and beautiful emanation which will slowly flow into night.

Experience is like this, awareness of any moment in any place is totally unique. Never before has a being who is conditioned by the life you are, sat and read these words conditioned by another unique life.

In its utter uniqueness it is all both empty and heartburstingly beautiful. This sky, that smile.

Knowledge of its passing  lends beauty even more feeling, like the longing gaze at eternity from the point of view of a passing moment.

The tiny must yearn for the great, the separate for the whole, the one for union.

Experiences of full appreciation, often during or after meditation, in skygazing or in love, connect us to field, to oneness, to sunshine. Rushes of delight raise our body to sky, and like sunshine our union pervades everything we see or think of. As sunshine pervades the world, so ours does.

There is a reason why they reflect on insight after meditation. Light, open and expansive, there is natural appreciation and insight, there is raised consciousness. Gratitude and joy spontaneously arise.

So as the dancing sky of your experience, be it anywhere, flows and whirls and delights, make sure to notice. Have a look, and know who you are, the most full experience of the universe knowing itself.

Pure consciousness devoid of taint, watching the universe playing one of its beautiful solos and all there is is harmony.




Danger – May Cause Awakening!

Free Image from Pixabay
Free Image from Pixabay



I  warn you that this piece of writing has the potential to destroy your concepts, your mind is liable to shattering and dissolving. So please feel sane, feel happy and healthy before reading. Continue reading Danger – May Cause Awakening!

A Book of Light, and the Whispers of a Buddha

So I have a beautiful new book, it is already precious to me, as I sit, and the teachings of conditionality, or pratitya samutpada quietly echo and thunderously resound through my consciousness.

A new dharma book that I am looking forward to reading. To me it contains wisdom, the promise of raising my level of consciousness, it affords me a feeling of virtue, of purity. Strangely, amazingly fortunate that I am sitting here with it. The causes and conditions of this bizarre confluence overwhelms.

Deliciously complex, yet ever so simple, all that leads to me sat here reflecting on dharma. You might gently apply this wisdom to the situation of you sitting reading this article. Now I’m going to use this wonderful situation for insight, without reading it. I’m going to dissolve it. Simple concepts, profound if experience.

Continue reading A Book of Light, and the Whispers of a Buddha

Regret – Times Gone, Loss, Change and Letting Go into the New

In meditation recently and out, I have been noticing some regret, a colouring of my experience through looking back. Comparing where I am at to where I was, the opportunities I had, and failed to grasp.Regret that I let things slide, that I put on weight, or had that relapse. Regretting change. Continue reading Regret – Times Gone, Loss, Change and Letting Go into the New

Cleansing the Doors of Perception


Cleansing the doors of perception everything would be seen as it is, infinite

William Blake

Just looking. Seeing things as they are. Just hearing, just smelling, just looking. This is mindfulness, and in this sense mindfulness can be a warm awareness that encompasses all, our whole experience inner and outer. The breathing meditation is to cultivate this deep awareness of everything we do. Continue reading Cleansing the Doors of Perception


Our ego, or egoic consciousness, dominates our world. Even if we are aware of it, even if we work with it, fight against it, it still seems to be there. It is the tragic force in us which has to make us right, by forming our identity according to our thoughts and ideas that we like. It will defend us, by making us furious that someone dares argue with the idea that we have made a part of us. It can kill, and does kill.

The same force is present globally, any human entity or institution seems to have an ego. This could be a company, a church, a religion, a club, a country, even a race or species.

As with the mental poisons of greed, hatred and delusion, we must work with it in ourselves before we can hope to see its influence gone in the world. Continue reading EGO, THE FINAL FRONTIER

Sunlight, Impermanence, and Equanimity

I like to explore the parallels between the natural world and our inner world, to make connections between the world of feelings and the world of form. Just as the cold, dark days are followed by brighter ones, just as the night is followed by day the seasons of the soul will unfold, our weather will arise and pass. Continue reading Sunlight, Impermanence, and Equanimity