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On Recovery – Hope and Inspiration

Yesterday I buried a friend. Today I saw a man who was broken, wretched, confused and reeking of insanitary hells and death, who had been thrown out of a car outside the meeting. I feel intensely moved to write about recovery, in the hope that someone somewhere may find some small hope or inspiration in these words. Continue reading On Recovery – Hope and Inspiration

Shall We Evolve?

It would not be a completely unreasonable assertion to say that people today are the fruit of the endless and beginningless conditions of evolution. Although many are open or even fully believe in more advanced species occurring elsewhere in the cosmos, we are at least the most advanced species most of us have actually seen.

If we are an advanced species, then it is clear that we are not advanced enough. If we were, we would immediately cease all acts of hatred, greed, and selfishness, and behave as though we respect our habitat. We are behaving like angry children, creating mess and throwing tantrums around the world. It is very simple, if we don’t make a serious effort to grow up then the choice will be removed. There will be no habitat.

Fortunately, change is inevitable, and we are able to change and grow for the good. We can simply decide to evolve. Continue reading Shall We Evolve?

A Letter to the Addict – A Seed of Hope and a Lamp for the Path

Let me  take you on a journey, from the hells of addiction to the peaks of experience. I wish I had heard this when I was younger, so please allow me to give you a gift, a gift I need to give.

We all seek a refuge in life, we all seek happiness and freedom. Drugs and alcohol are an easy way out, a well trod path from pain. Sadly though, they lead to more suffering.

Addiction is very much like a cave system, you leave the world and go into a warm and inviting room. A cosy pub or party, with smiles and beautiful,  jolly people. You like it there, and you want to stay. Your social life is now a search for this feeling of cosiness, of security, of confidence, of smiles. Continue reading A Letter to the Addict – A Seed of Hope and a Lamp for the Path

Hearing The Song of Awakening

Change is coming. If you become still and listen, it is whispering. Resonating with life, overwhelming beauty. Set the intention to listen, to be guided by music which may be barely audible, but may be driving your dance in this world. Continue reading Hearing The Song of Awakening

Seeding Planetary Karma – How to Effect Change

I woke up this morning with a vision, whether from dreams or the ether, or from the simple conditions of reflection and writing about dharma and ecology, from the frustrations and the wish to change the way we live in a meaningful way. I wrote an article about purifying our karma, about taking charge of the network of conditions that is creating our personal reality and forming our daily lives and our levels of happiness (here) and this vision was to apply the same principles to the world.

There is a shift happening, all the conditions are forming for change. Just as the present world is formed by layer after layer of conditions, just as it is dependent on certain conditions, attitudes or beliefs, on certain economic realities, so it is certain to pass away due to conditions and changing perceptions, attitudes and beliefs. Reality, or the world, is like a garden, and we are its gardeners. Continue reading Seeding Planetary Karma – How to Effect Change

Warriors and Demons – Wrath and Faith

The wrathful buddha, or bodhisattva, is a powerful image, and a powerful mythic force summoned to overcome the forces of samsara. A fearless ally to help you overcome your greed or your selfishness, to burn and tear at your shadow, to bring light into the darkness.

Any journey into the light begins with facing the shadow, it is the foundation for any path. Without facing the demons, they jostle and rage, ready to act out with violence or ill-will at any opportunity. So it is collectively as well, our shadow is running riot, so it must be faced and illuminated, as difficult and painful as it is.

Continue reading Warriors and Demons – Wrath and Faith

Rejoicing – A Vision of Hope and the Map for the Journey

It is so wonderful, so important, so momentous and world-shattering, that people one by one are stepping onto and journeying along spiritual paths. Every little awakening, every prayer, and every step is to be rejoiced and celebrated.

As a being makes an effort to guard their senses, to take responsibility of their ever changing flow of mental and emotional states, they also take responsibility by default, for their actions and their effects on the world. This happens naturally, as our mind states are directly affected by our actions.


Continue reading Rejoicing – A Vision of Hope and the Map for the Journey

The Hunt for the Infinite

Mind divides.

Consciousness sees all as one.

We think we are alone, we think we are separate.

So hunt for the interconnection, hunt for it in quantum physics, in karma, in conditioned arising, in waves of ideas and feelings in our world.
Continue reading The Hunt for the Infinite

Believing in Enlightenment – Existentialism, Doubt, Lemmings, and Hope

Creating the self. We are essentially a product of what we think about and our beliefs. Believing in enlightenment,  or tao, or approaching God, or some way of framing a goal  is important to keep us practising. This belief, simply put, changes our consciousness, and involves working with our consciousness in some way. Continue reading Believing in Enlightenment – Existentialism, Doubt, Lemmings, and Hope