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Healing with Unconditional Presence

The path is not always straightforward. There will be days when we feel like giving up. We live in a world where there is pain and suffering, and sometimes, especially when I am tired, hope and happiness fade along with my  energy.  For me, with fatigue often comes loneliness, and stories about how I am not lovable, not good enough, and just a mess! It is so easy to shift into a perspective which sees the dark, which sees what is wrong or missing, or judges our choices and dreams.

Fortunately, it seems it is also easy to shift back, and reframe our perspective. Without wishing to slap a bandaid on a deep rooted wound, we can change our perspective. I now feel however, that before we do, it is important to give space to and honour that wounded part of ourselves.

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Verses from ‘The Confounder of Hell’ – Vajrasattva Sadhana

Eh Ma Oh !

Dharma Wondrous Strange !

Profoundest Mystery of the Perfect Ones.

Within the Birthless, all things take their birth,

Yet in that birth, nothing is borne.

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The White Fire of Vajrasattva – A Perfect Healing Meditation

O diamond warrior, purify my karma, meet me as we transcend time and space. Honour my potential, and bless me with your purifying, glistening healing nectar of white light. Restores us to our true home and our true nature.

Radiance. Shunyata. White Fire.

An experience of coming home so pure and true as to echo through eternity.
Dynamite vajra prince, smash my selfishness asunder, heal me of my greed and my foolishness. Hero fight by my side as I face down all demons. Lend me your gaze of white fire. Let me sit with you in boundless pure light.

Great Protector, Love me passionately. May your diamond blaze melt all that stands between me and the truth. I dissolve into you, bond sealed across space and time.

Vajrasattva nature pure like the sun, shining scintillating rainbows through the universal fields, helping lotuses everywhere grow and bloom.

Let us stand nowhere, striving side by side beyond space and time to release all beings from their suffering, so that all that lives may be free.

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To Breathe in Sunlight – Working with Chakras and Light in Meditation

Recently I have been finding this meditation practice useful for grounding, and bodywork. I now often use this technique start to my meditation, to bring me into my body and then beyond. You can use it as a technique in any meditation or as a meditation in itself.

You can introduce elements of it into the mindfulness of breathing, the metta bhavana, or visualisation. Although it is good to practise the strict forms as well, I like a range of tools to help me into deep concentration. This helps me incorporate body, dissolve body, and enter skylike awareness. Continue reading To Breathe in Sunlight – Working with Chakras and Light in Meditation

Tonglen – Gently Beheading the Ego

Taking and giving. In meditation one visualises breathing in the sufferings of the world, and breathing out relief, or happiness. It is a training in altruism. This meditation will reduce selfish attachment, increase a sense of renunciation, create good karma by giving, and to develop and expand loving-kindness and bodhicitta. All six perfections are involved – giving, ethics, patience, joyous effort, concentration, and wisdom. Continue reading Tonglen – Gently Beheading the Ego