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Universe as Teacher, Universe as I

I write this, and decide to break a long silence. I had a copyright claim against me, and a divorce to cope with, so despite writing at length of pain, and of ways to cope with pain, I have felt unable to publish this yet. I have written much for people in recovery which I will post soon, and have more recently been exploring shamanism and druidry, and a living connection with nature which is inspiring me beautifully.

I don’t see this as separate or different from buddhism, the buddha having lived in connection with the natural world and its spirits and beings. I started to write about the way in which nature can sometimes seem to communicate with us, teach us, connect us with our wild nature, but this article evolved into something else.

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Shall We Evolve? A Footnote

These corporations who seem so powerful are not mythic monsters, they are merely conditioned arisings. Phenomena that come to be and must by their birth and growth decay and die.


Free Image from Pixabay
Free Image from Pixabay


All things are like this, they are impermanent, they lack any solidity. If one by one we stop believing that getting things is the key to happiness. If we stop buying from them, then corporations will turn to dust before our eyes.

Even if they have governments and nations in their pockets, even if they own the police and the armies, their reign is but a flash of lightning in the night sky. Storms pass and dawns come.

They are not evil, they simply exist due to greed and cause further greed. Once our vision is wider than little greed, the conditions that create them will simply no longer be there.




In Buddhism greed, hatred and delusion are the demons. Only by wisdom and compassion can these demons be turned. Their time has passed. Now is the time for liberation. Now is the time to remember what is beautiful.

Even greed is conditioned, even hate, even selfishness, even foolishness. They too, can be turned to ash by the fires of transformation. One day this time of war and greed and destruction will be but a memory used to teach and inspire children, so that it may never return.

So embrace change, for change is what will cause a better world. Your change.

Everything that lives is holy

William Blake

Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons

Poisons, Antidotes and the Mechanics of Insight

At the centre of the Tibetan Wheel of Life we find three animals; the cock, the snake and the pig, chasing each others tails as if perpetually chasing each other round and round. They represent the three ‘kilesas,’ the root poisons, the roots of unskilfulness, which are greed hatred and delusion, or craving, ill will and ignorance.

These are no abstract concepts, make no mistake these are the forces of all ill in the world, and they are in you right now, and cause great suffering.

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Seeding Planetary Karma – How to Effect Change

I woke up this morning with a vision, whether from dreams or the ether, or from the simple conditions of reflection and writing about dharma and ecology, from the frustrations and the wish to change the way we live in a meaningful way. I wrote an article about purifying our karma, about taking charge of the network of conditions that is creating our personal reality and forming our daily lives and our levels of happiness (here) and this vision was to apply the same principles to the world.

There is a shift happening, all the conditions are forming for change. Just as the present world is formed by layer after layer of conditions, just as it is dependent on certain conditions, attitudes or beliefs, on certain economic realities, so it is certain to pass away due to conditions and changing perceptions, attitudes and beliefs. Reality, or the world, is like a garden, and we are its gardeners. Continue reading Seeding Planetary Karma – How to Effect Change

Warriors and Demons – Wrath and Faith

The wrathful buddha, or bodhisattva, is a powerful image, and a powerful mythic force summoned to overcome the forces of samsara. A fearless ally to help you overcome your greed or your selfishness, to burn and tear at your shadow, to bring light into the darkness.

Any journey into the light begins with facing the shadow, it is the foundation for any path. Without facing the demons, they jostle and rage, ready to act out with violence or ill-will at any opportunity. So it is collectively as well, our shadow is running riot, so it must be faced and illuminated, as difficult and painful as it is.

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Beat Yourself Up? Parameters, Neuroplasticity and The Fire

We all compare ourselves to others, indeed, the people we know are usually the yardstick against which we measure ourselves. Whether our priorities are looking good, being wealthy, being kind, or being happy, we can all find people if not in our direct contact, in the eye of the media, to whom we find it hard to measure up.

I am reminded of the gap between what the artist can see in his mind, and what he is capable of producing. There is often the same gap in terms of who we are, and who we want to be. Continue reading Beat Yourself Up? Parameters, Neuroplasticity and The Fire

The Modern World and The Myth of Shambhala

Digital life has created as much disconnect as it has connection. You only have to see the scenes of people at a gathering  immersed in their screens to understand this. These screens, have they become more interesting than our friends? Is the constant and massive stream of information so important, or is it angry birds and crushing candy? A friend could never entertain with so much so fast, the odds are loaded.

Facebook gives us all an idealized glimpse into our peers’ lives. We can all hide behind the screen of our public presentation, or pick up our phone when we feel that itch or awkwardness. Continue reading The Modern World and The Myth of Shambhala


There are many reasons why a person decides to embark on a spiritual path, if spiritual path is even the right term. Life may have lost its shine, you may have become stuck in habits or in a way of life that are destroying your joie de vivre. Continue reading STARTING OUT – FINDING A PATH – A SUBTLE LONGING