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Seeking Positivity in Meditation and in Life

In life and in meditation,  if you look for and focus on the positive factors, or the dhyana factors, then they become apparent. They appear, become available, and then seem to flourish under the light of our gentle gaze. Dhyana is a state of deep and blissful meditative concentration or absorption.

There is a good reason why gratitude is a large part of many spiritual awakenings, as it is a way of focusing on what is right, what is good, what is pleasurable or bright in your experience. It is a way of training the mind to see what is bright, forging new pathways to appreciation and eventually a blissful relishing of experience.

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Happiness Lies in the Appreciation of Beauty

To love beauty is to see light.

Victor Hugo
Free Image from Pexels
Free Image from Pexels


It doesn’t matter what mental state you find yourself in, they change all the time, but I guarantee that if you are able to get out into nature, it will improve. Even if you simply start to take stock of the positive, if you start to see what is around you with gratitude and through the eyes of appreciation, if you can practise seeing the beauty, then uplift will follow .

To simply go for a walk, to see the world, especially nature, cannot help but lift low spirits and confused minds. Looking outward, dropping commentary, dropping into the body. To walk amidst the change of the weathers and the seasons, and see that each is unique and beautiful, this is the path of happiness.

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When you watch a sky, every moment of cloudscape is impermanent, empty of any substance, like an illusionary dance. In that dance is  absolute singularity, every sunset a unique and beautiful emanation which will slowly flow into night.

Experience is like this, awareness of any moment in any place is totally unique. Never before has a being who is conditioned by the life you are, sat and read these words conditioned by another unique life.

In its utter uniqueness it is all both empty and heartburstingly beautiful. This sky, that smile.

Knowledge of its passing  lends beauty even more feeling, like the longing gaze at eternity from the point of view of a passing moment.

The tiny must yearn for the great, the separate for the whole, the one for union.

Experiences of full appreciation, often during or after meditation, in skygazing or in love, connect us to field, to oneness, to sunshine. Rushes of delight raise our body to sky, and like sunshine our union pervades everything we see or think of. As sunshine pervades the world, so ours does.

There is a reason why they reflect on insight after meditation. Light, open and expansive, there is natural appreciation and insight, there is raised consciousness. Gratitude and joy spontaneously arise.

So as the dancing sky of your experience, be it anywhere, flows and whirls and delights, make sure to notice. Have a look, and know who you are, the most full experience of the universe knowing itself.

Pure consciousness devoid of taint, watching the universe playing one of its beautiful solos and all there is is harmony.




Regret – Times Gone, Loss, Change and Letting Go into the New

In meditation recently and out, I have been noticing some regret, a colouring of my experience through looking back. Comparing where I am at to where I was, the opportunities I had, and failed to grasp.Regret that I let things slide, that I put on weight, or had that relapse. Regretting change. Continue reading Regret – Times Gone, Loss, Change and Letting Go into the New

Gratitude – One of the Keys to Happiness

It is a deep and profound joy that can settle on you when you practice gratitude. Meditating on gratitude, or the many blessings that are in every life, generates a magical energy which touches your every thought and deed.

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