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The Hindrances – Working in Meditation

Buddha was asked, “What have you gained from Meditation?”

He replied “Nothing! However Let me tell you what I have lost: Anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death.”

In meditation, profound happiness may be found, but at first it is not easy to establish deep concentration, and for various reasons our mind throws all kinds of blocks and distractions at us. It is as if the ego, or Mara, is trying to stop us from freeing our minds and transcending egoic thought. These distractions are known as the hindrances.

Each meditator must learn their own habitual tendencies, and try out various antidotes to find ways to settle the mind in meditation. Here are some tried and tested methods to work with these psychophysical tendencies and move beyond them until you are able to look within and find no trace of them,  just states of deep concentration and bliss. Continue reading The Hindrances – Working in Meditation

Beat Yourself Up? Parameters, Neuroplasticity and The Fire

We all compare ourselves to others, indeed, the people we know are usually the yardstick against which we measure ourselves. Whether our priorities are looking good, being wealthy, being kind, or being happy, we can all find people if not in our direct contact, in the eye of the media, to whom we find it hard to measure up.

I am reminded of the gap between what the artist can see in his mind, and what he is capable of producing. There is often the same gap in terms of who we are, and who we want to be. Continue reading Beat Yourself Up? Parameters, Neuroplasticity and The Fire

Flow, and The Changing of Difficult Emotions

I had an experience of some difficult or painful emotions over the weekend. There is no need to go into the story around the emotions, suffice to say that it led me to seek out ways to change the way I was feeling. I chose to do this through food, having given up anything else I could possibly use!

I know the theories, I understand that food or anything else cant help, or change the feeling. I wanted comfort, I wanted avoidance, from some painful feelings.

So I acted out, and promptly felt even worse, frustrated with myself and sad. So eventually I did what I should have done straight away, I turned towards it. Continue reading Flow, and The Changing of Difficult Emotions

The Modern World and The Myth of Shambhala

Digital life has created as much disconnect as it has connection. You only have to see the scenes of people at a gathering  immersed in their screens to understand this. These screens, have they become more interesting than our friends? Is the constant and massive stream of information so important, or is it angry birds and crushing candy? A friend could never entertain with so much so fast, the odds are loaded.

Facebook gives us all an idealized glimpse into our peers’ lives. We can all hide behind the screen of our public presentation, or pick up our phone when we feel that itch or awkwardness. Continue reading The Modern World and The Myth of Shambhala


There are many reasons why a person decides to embark on a spiritual path, if spiritual path is even the right term. Life may have lost its shine, you may have become stuck in habits or in a way of life that are destroying your joie de vivre. Continue reading STARTING OUT – FINDING A PATH – A SUBTLE LONGING