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Universe as Teacher, Universe as I

I write this, and decide to break a long silence. I had a copyright claim against me, and a divorce to cope with, so despite writing at length of pain, and of ways to cope with pain, I have felt unable to publish this yet. I have written much for people in recovery which I will post soon, and have more recently been exploring shamanism and druidry, and a living connection with nature which is inspiring me beautifully.

I don’t see this as separate or different from buddhism, the buddha having lived in connection with the natural world and its spirits and beings. I started to write about the way in which nature can sometimes seem to communicate with us, teach us, connect us with our wild nature, but this article evolved into something else.

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The Modern World and The Myth of Shambhala

Digital life has created as much disconnect as it has connection. You only have to see the scenes of people at a gathering  immersed in their screens to understand this. These screens, have they become more interesting than our friends? Is the constant and massive stream of information so important, or is it angry birds and crushing candy? A friend could never entertain with so much so fast, the odds are loaded.

Facebook gives us all an idealized glimpse into our peers’ lives. We can all hide behind the screen of our public presentation, or pick up our phone when we feel that itch or awkwardness. Continue reading The Modern World and The Myth of Shambhala


There are many reasons why a person decides to embark on a spiritual path, if spiritual path is even the right term. Life may have lost its shine, you may have become stuck in habits or in a way of life that are destroying your joie de vivre. Continue reading STARTING OUT – FINDING A PATH – A SUBTLE LONGING