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The Fault in our Vision which Might End Human Existence

There is a fulcrum in the process of perception which is a delusion, and from that delusion follow craving, attachment and aversion, and therefore suffering. This fulcrum is an assumption under which we labour, which is a false assumption, and if we can manage to turn that fulcrum upside down, or rather, set it back up the right way, then the way in which we relate to the world, things, people, events, the senses and the emotions is changed and gone is the majority of our suffering.

The delusion is this. We are brought up to think that we are a separate and independent being, and as a result of that, everything that is not a part of that being is other, and is a threat or something to be desired. We have consciousness, in which are various arisings, and because we see we assume a see-er, because we think we assume a thinker, because we feel we assume a self that feels. It is a catastrophic fault of vision, to assume this self. We see this self as being evident as a separate body, an independent mind, perhaps even a soul. Continue reading The Fault in our Vision which Might End Human Existence

The Buddha’s Activity is as Sunlight Dancing on the Waters of Time

If you had been out walking one night, two and a half millennia across time, you might have seen, framed against the moonlight shining on the river, a meditating figure. There would have been something deeply compelling about this sight, about the enigmatic smile and peaceful countenance.

Had you been out again the next morning, the same sight would have greeted you, except this time he would be framed by golden light of the sparkling sunshine, dancing on the surface of the gently flowing stream.

What you would not know, what you could not know, is that in the sparkling stream of consciousness connecting the two sights, the most profound event for life in this aeon had arisen. A Buddha had come to be.
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The Sutra of Golden Light

I knew that this sutra was for me when I first came across the title of it. If you have read my early posts about sunshine, and the connection I make between the highest spiritual experiences, and infinite light and infinite love, then you will understand what it is I call sunshine. This blog could almost be called the Way of the Golden Light.

I believe there is a realm, a plane, beyond that which is seen or sensed, a kind of field, which is just like sunshine without any limit or edge. It is the space from which it all emerges and to which it all returns, it is the illimitable, the absolute, the tao, the great spirit, the godhead and the buddhafield.

This boundless light is known by many names, and is accessible in meditation. There are traditions which centre around unity with this light, and contact with it.  Continue reading The Sutra of Golden Light

Like Infinitely Coursing Water – Limitless Cause and Illimitable Effect

The moment is like a moving mirror, reflecting the wildly complex and vast network of causes, as a massive and limitless array of effects.

Like all the springs and streams, all the rivers and rains, all flowing into one pool, from which is born aloft a fountain. A fountain of time, a timeless emergence.

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Interconnectedness – Different Paths to the Infinite


Everything in creation exists within you, and everything in you exists in creation. You are in borderless touch with the closest things, and, what is more, distance is not sufficient to separate you from things far away. All things from the lowest to the loftiest, from the smallest to the greatest, exist within you as equal things. In one atom are found all the elements of the earth. One drop of water contains all the secrets of the oceans. In one motion of the mind are found all the motions of all the laws of existence..

Khalil Gibran.


Free Image from Pixabay
Free Image from Pixabay



You can see it in a breath.

You breathe in air that has been in other beings, that has blown as wind across the seas, borne aloft butterflies and swallows on warmer currents.

Breathing out air that will sway the most beautiful flowers, that will be blown out from the largest whales, that will make storms and rest a while, invisible in the still sky.


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The Hunt for the Infinite

Mind divides.

Consciousness sees all as one.

We think we are alone, we think we are separate.

So hunt for the interconnection, hunt for it in quantum physics, in karma, in conditioned arising, in waves of ideas and feelings in our world.
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Meditation as Evolution – Karma and Honesty, Harnessing Wild Horses and Riding them Home

The next stage of evolution is spiritual transformation, and whats new is that we can choose whether we participate, whether we will survive.

Humanity has evolved so far, we have thumbs and buttons to press with those thumbs. The trouble is that these buttons can wreak havoc or work wonders, and by looking at the world we can see that there is happening a little of both.

So essentially we are looking at a choice. Which buttons do we press, or with what mental state or emotion do we press them? Continue reading Meditation as Evolution – Karma and Honesty, Harnessing Wild Horses and Riding them Home