The Present Moment, Thoughts, and Learning to Just Be

The present moment is all we ever have, thus the present moment, the right here and now, must be your focus. It is through surrendering to what is and gratitude for the present moment that life starts to involve joy and peace of mind.

Life spent in anticipation or nostalgia, future or past, is not life at all but mere imaginings of life. Life is only ever here, and most of what you spend your days worrying about will never come to pass.

So relax, open up, smash through the mind fogs and experience the vastness of the consciousness free from structures and forms. Can you hear the silence beneath the sounds? Continue reading The Present Moment, Thoughts, and Learning to Just Be

Standing Meditation – Taoist Energy Work – Chi Gung and Zhan Zhuang


Standing Alone and Unchanging
One can observe every mystery
Present at every moment and ceaselessly continuing –
This is the gateway to indescribable marvels.

Lao Tzu – Tao te Ching

One of the things I love about the Taoist energy practices is doing them in nature. By a river, on a clifftop, in a cave, in the mountains or in the forest. Wherever you do it you can fully come into connection with nature and the environment you are in. Continue reading Standing Meditation – Taoist Energy Work – Chi Gung and Zhan Zhuang

Sunlight, Impermanence, and Equanimity

I like to explore the parallels between the natural world and our inner world, to make connections between the world of feelings and the world of form. Just as the cold, dark days are followed by brighter ones, just as the night is followed by day the seasons of the soul will unfold, our weather will arise and pass. Continue reading Sunlight, Impermanence, and Equanimity

Gratitude – One of the Keys to Happiness

It is a deep and profound joy that can settle on you when you practice gratitude. Meditating on gratitude, or the many blessings that are in every life, generates a magical energy which touches your every thought and deed.

Gratitude is the ultimate prayer, the keystone to positive thinking and manifesting, and thus one of the keys to happiness. Continue reading Gratitude – One of the Keys to Happiness

What do you Want in Life? Set Goals and Discover What Motivates You

Are you constantly setting goals and then letting yourself down, do you make lists, do you  have to  make the same list days, weeks or even months later?

First things first – if you don’t make lists and have goals, then the first thing to do is to start. However before starting this, what we need to do is to decide what it is we want out of life. Life is either short or long, depending on your mindset, and there are so many different ideas and attitudes as to what makes a good life, or what people want out of life. Continue reading What do you Want in Life? Set Goals and Discover What Motivates You

Morning Ritual – The Power of Routine

I love morning routines, in fact if I was to keep a journal of days that turn out well and those that don’t, the ones that turned out well would start with a good morning routine. As someone who works from home, often creative work, it is so important I get this right or I would never get things done. Continue reading Morning Ritual – The Power of Routine


What is it you wish you did that you don’t?

What do you put off for whatever reason?

You can’t live in the future, and you can’t have your rewards in the future either. Why wait until x is right or y is done, or z conditions are in place? There is never a perfect time or place, there is only here and now. If we wish to achieve anything, we can only ever progress here and now.  Continue reading Procrastination

When Life Seems Dark – Stormy Weather and the Sun

Once upon a time I was in rehab, for alcohol mainly, and I was having an awful time. Life was as dark as it could get, and to be frank I wanted out. My girlfriend of the time had broken up with me, I had no job any more, and didn’t actually own a single key. I was homeless at 26, and as my parents would no longer put up with me, I had nowhere left to turn. Continue reading When Life Seems Dark – Stormy Weather and the Sun

Welcome to The Way of Sunshine!



Hello and welcome to this site; I hope that you find some of the articles useful, inspiring and enlightening!

I am someone who has found a measure of happiness and serenity, a jewel forged in the fires of addiction and depression, and have practised and studied spiritual, psychological and religious teachings as if my life depended on it. It did.

I am so filled with gratitude to my teachers across space and time. It is as if after years of a cold dark hell, my face is warmed by the sun. Once filled and brightened by this sunshine, it is simply natural to wish to share it, to let it shine through me, in the hope that others might benefit.
Continue reading Welcome to The Way of Sunshine!

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