I have just taken off two stone in weight using juicing and exercise!

I watched a video called Fat sick and Nearly Dead, by an Aussie called Joe. I was watching this because I had less than a month before my wedding and feel like I want to lose a few pounds. I did a detox in the autumn called Clean, which I wrote about, so I was already looking in the right places to come across a juice fast or cleanse.

Its very simple, all you do is juice! Buy a shedload of fresh (ideally organic but I cut a few corners and rinsed) fruit and veg, chuck various mixtures of them in the juicer, and there you have delicious fresh juices. All the goodness and phytonutrients of a whole stack of nature’s finest, without having to actually eat all that kale, celery, spinach and broccoli. It would be pretty disgusting raw and whole!


Free image from Pixabay
Free image from Pixabay


The guys in the video lost so much weight, and healed various ailments they suffered, so it was incredibly inspiring. What was wonderful was the way Joe helped out this American trucker he met, he flew back to meet him and get him sorted, and the guy lost about 250 pounds! Its lovely to see kindness and goodwill like that in the world, it reminds me of the way anybody with any illness or addiction can help any other in the same boat.

What I can’t believe, is how good the juices are! They taste far better than any I’ve ever bought, and I really look forward to the fruit ones. You are supposed to use about 80% vegetables, so a fruit only one is a treat. Im loving it, and Im really enjoying just creating my own blends, I just whacked in a beetroot, 2 apples, a Satsuma, a lettuce, a courgette, some cabbage, some cucumber, some celery, some tomato, ginger and lime. I tell you what its not bad! Ive also learnt to add some zest to vegetable and green juices using salt, pepper, ginger, soy sauce or tabasco. I find that if they are spicy they taste better and feel more cosy to drink!

Im also exercising heavily at the moment, so if I know Im about to exercise for a few hours I will have a smoothie instead. I found this stuff called Raw Meal, which is organic, gluten and dairy free and stuffed with superfoods and supplements. (See below for links to buy Raw Meal.) I mix that with banana and some other fruit, with some almond milk (unsweetened) That is delicious as well, especially if you add some frozen berries for the coldness.


Free image from Pixabay
Free image from Pixabay


I’m converted, I have to say that diet was one of my final frontiers, as I have always been partial to sugar, and pizza, and generally bad food. I am also a coffee fiend, and the sugar I put in each coffee has to go. Having done the clean detox a few months ago I know what to expect, and I feel so good and virtuous that I will only be eating raw natural foods.

I can’t tell you how delicious a freshly juiced orange is, mixed with carrots or strawberries. I just had half a pineapple, two oranges, a kiwi, a handful of grapes and strawberries all mixed together, and it was heaven on earth. When you buy freshly squeezed orange it doesn’t have the frothy freshness you get when you juice your own.

Ive already talked about the Clean, and diet and nutrition generally, but the discovery of juicing has added a new dimension in health for me.

It is so easy to get started, below is a link to the juicer I bought, cheap and effective, as well as some reading and recipe books. After finishing a few weeks of juicing, I now have a flexible plan, I have smoothies (banana, forzen bluberry and Raw Meal) juices, both veg and fruit, and occasionally a heathy meal.

I also just want to say, as with everything else in the Way of Sunshine, don’t lose heart if you lapse or fail! Just as you come back to the breath in meditation with kindness and maitri, come back to the cleanse with a light heart. I lapsed a few times on this and it still worked wonders!

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