Inspiration, Synchronicity, and Following the Signs

There are periods of my life when the universe speaks to me, when I see signs. Am I mad, affected, probably? Am I a shaman, perhaps? Am I in touch with some higher power, definitely!

The first time it happened to me was undeniably a psychosis of sorts, it was drug fuelled. I made connections, wove a web in my mind, my imagination began to work against me. I do have a wild imagination, always have done.

Many years later, on a retreat in Devon, I talked of this to a monk called Sagaravajra. I was working with sadhana, and the visualization of a Buddhist bodhisattva – Green Tara. This involves working with her on an imaginative level, and seeking to embody her qualities of infinite compassion. The work was beginning to pay off, but I was starting to make connections, see signs, see coincidences and synchronicities, and I was concerned.

What he told me changed my view of this period in my life, he told me to see it as an initiation rather than as a psychosis. In other cultures and other times, he said, an experience like this would steer you into being trained as a shaman or spiritual visionary. Of course I just loved this. This made me feel special! Perhaps he knew it would, and perhaps he also knew that it would set me on fire spiritually.

My sadhana, my interaction with the mystery took on a new verve, and before I knew it I was seeing the godess everywhere, the rainbows twinkling in dewdrops became Tara’s encouraging wink, her boundless luminosity and compassion took on new life inside me. My meditation entered a new realm of vision and imagination. My  metta practice ended with me dissolving into infinite light, as if held in Tara’s radiant embrace.


Free Image from Pixabay
Free Image from Pixabay


I digress, but this area is not new to me, and ever since reading the Celestine Prophecy many many years ago I began to see importance in the coincidental. After reading Conversations with God, I began to realize I could see an intelligence at work in the humdrum, synchronicity in the fabric of daily life.

A message or an inspiration in the next thing I heard or saw, the next song the neighbours radio played. A form of guidance, a whole lexicon of spiritual communication there for the hearing, if one was to simply listen.

Here and now, life has led me to this. I sit here in the early afternoon sun, with a juice I have blended from pineapple, melon, strawberry and orange. It is delicious. It is late February now, and the sun is still sufficiently miraculous as to bless. I have written my journal, and already written a article. I then had a bath to soothe my aching heavily exercised body, and in it I happened to watch a motivational video on youtube before meditation.

Just by chance, by whim. Suddenly JK Rowling appeared in this video talking of failure, and I was struck. I immediately sought another video of her talking and found the whole speech, made at a Harvard graduation ceremony. It moved me, it was beautiful, beautifully crafted, she is beautiful, and my heart was stirred.

Then I meditated, but I was gifted by idea after idea, inspiration after inspiration. I am in one of those modes that leads me to think I might be bipolar. I am on fire, the sun is in me, the muse is singing and I can hear her. I am able to act, I am free at this particular time and moment to seize her kiss and run with it.

An idea struck me for a story, a childrens story, and before I knew it it had taken on life, inspired by the very landscape down the road here in Cornwall. Suddenly all the subjects I have been researching, all the ways I tried to write of dolphins and magic, of whales teaching children meditation made sense – I have a story. A sunny Eureka day. Inspiration has come in a fever, so I must leave this article and work on it!

What is the universe saying to you? Are you in a space to hear? Are you free to act? Is there a blazing Eureka just through the veil?


Free Image from Pixabay
Free Image from Pixabay


Featured Image courtesy of Pixabay

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