Copyright Issues and Relaunching The Site

I made a big mistake with this blog, in thinking that because it was not for profit and for educational purposes I could use various photographs I found online. I recently discovered that this is not the case, and can only apologise for any harm done. I genuinely wanted to offer spiritual wisdom and inspiration for those who are interested or suffering, and wanted to make the site visually stunning in order to do so. It is so hard to remove such beauty from my site, but I will try to buy or license some of those I really love.

If anyone reading this has taken beautiful pictures and would consider letting me use them then please do send me images and any credit you would like. I am tempted to launch a photo competition but I fear I don’t have enough readers! Any beautiful scenery or nature, Buddhas, light, sunshine, skies, are the kind of images I love to use.

Sadly I might have to pay a considerable sum in damages, which will effectively put me out of business. In the meantime, and in the hope that the photographer concerned will not pursue me for money I do not have, I am going to go through the 108 articles I have published, and the 70 or so more in the editing process, and take out all photos apart from those I have paid for or taken myself. For a perfectionist like me this is hell, as I really took my time to find perfect images which complemented my writing and communicated what I could not. I hope the site can still maintain the beauty I strove for with less professional images.

I do apologise for the site being offline, and the slow process of putting it back together in a way that is ethically more sound, and I apologise to those whose pictures I loved and wanted to use. I do hope that there will be no more lawsuits, and aspire to ensure everything I used is with permission.

This does give me a chance to go through and edit all my old articles, so perhaps it is a blessing in disguise, as I dread to think what I wrote when I began this project a few years ago! So thank you for bearing with me, and do please feel free to donate if you find the site useful or have benefitted from the recordings I have offered, I would be very grateful for any generosity in return.



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