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The Teachings of Dreams – Introduction

I’m becoming fascinated with dreamwork again, and am appreciating what they can teach us, both in a single dream and in the course of their evolution over time. This is but an introduction to how to work with your dreams, and I look forward to writing more as I learn more about this fascinating topic and practice. I would really welcome any discussion or insights into this work, or any suggestions for further reading or how to more effectively understand the life of dreams. Continue reading The Teachings of Dreams – Introduction

New Year – Resolutions, Reflections, and Random Acts of Kindness

It’s the perfect time to reflect on the year, now we are past the frenetic Christmas rush. Many people are off work this week and have some time to pause, take stock, and plot a new course.

Like a ship in port, sometimes we need to look at what cargo we are carrying, and work out what we would like to add to our inventory. We may need to make physical repairs, cosmetic improvements, or perhaps there is inner work to be done. Perhaps the engine needs greasing, or the mind needs cleaning, maybe motivation needs stoking and maps pored over, to plot new and exciting journeys. Continue reading New Year – Resolutions, Reflections, and Random Acts of Kindness

On Writing, On Getting Things Done

I want to share some wisdom I have gleaned from several books on the subject of achievement, on getting things done, and making progress towards your goals. The principles can be applied to any fields of life, from spiritual development to material success.

The first thing I want to say is that it is wonderful that you are even considering a project, a venture, a creative endeavour or planning to make changes to increase your quality of life.

Everyone who has ever achieved anything worthwhile, like inner peace, fitness, happiness, material achievement or mastery, have all had to sit where you are now, they have all had to start. From the author to the entrepreneur, from the person who lost weight to the person who learned to paint, they have all had to to find the motivation to start and stick to it, to carry on achieving little step after little step even when assaulted by the vilest self-doubt or depressions. Continue reading On Writing, On Getting Things Done

Seeding Planetary Karma – How to Effect Change

I woke up this morning with a vision, whether from dreams or the ether, or from the simple conditions of reflection and writing about dharma and ecology, from the frustrations and the wish to change the way we live in a meaningful way. I wrote an article about purifying our karma, about taking charge of the network of conditions that is creating our personal reality and forming our daily lives and our levels of happiness (here) and this vision was to apply the same principles to the world.

There is a shift happening, all the conditions are forming for change. Just as the present world is formed by layer after layer of conditions, just as it is dependent on certain conditions, attitudes or beliefs, on certain economic realities, so it is certain to pass away due to conditions and changing perceptions, attitudes and beliefs. Reality, or the world, is like a garden, and we are its gardeners. Continue reading Seeding Planetary Karma – How to Effect Change

The Warrior and the Creative Path – Demons and Doubts

If, like  me, you have shunned the suit and tie and are bravely plowing ahead with your craft, then, like me, there will be demons and dragons to face on the road. It can be a long, hard road. Be it writing, music, art, starting your own business, or being self-employed, the pitfalls are similar and can be categorized. In the eyes of the world; or at lest as far as you think, you may be a failure..but sometimes we must travel desolate lands to reach greener pastures. Continue reading The Warrior and the Creative Path – Demons and Doubts

Motivation – Staying on Your Path

It can be easy to take a first step, but how can we help ourselves to stay on the path? The principles here work for any kind of work, be it creative projects or any kind of spiritual or self-help work.

Spiritual or personal development, or completing projects, is about habits. It is the daily meditation, or the daily work, the daily writing. The regular little steps we take, as droplets erode rock over time. Keeping with a routine or practice is in effect about continued motivation and inspiration. So how do we do this? Continue reading Motivation – Staying on Your Path

The Modern World and The Myth of Shambhala

Digital life has created as much disconnect as it has connection. You only have to see the scenes of people at a gathering  immersed in their screens to understand this. These screens, have they become more interesting than our friends? Is the constant and massive stream of information so important, or is it angry birds and crushing candy? A friend could never entertain with so much so fast, the odds are loaded.

Facebook gives us all an idealized glimpse into our peers’ lives. We can all hide behind the screen of our public presentation, or pick up our phone when we feel that itch or awkwardness. Continue reading The Modern World and The Myth of Shambhala

What do you Want in Life? Set Goals and Discover What Motivates You

Are you constantly setting goals and then letting yourself down, do you make lists, do you  have to  make the same list days, weeks or even months later?

First things first – if you don’t make lists and have goals, then the first thing to do is to start. However before starting this, what we need to do is to decide what it is we want out of life. Life is either short or long, depending on your mindset, and there are so many different ideas and attitudes as to what makes a good life, or what people want out of life. Continue reading What do you Want in Life? Set Goals and Discover What Motivates You

Morning Ritual – The Power of Routine

I love morning routines, in fact if I was to keep a journal of days that turn out well and those that don’t, the ones that turned out well would start with a good morning routine. As someone who works from home, often creative work, it is so important I get this right or I would never get things done. Continue reading Morning Ritual – The Power of Routine


What is it you wish you did that you don’t?

What do you put off for whatever reason?

You can’t live in the future, and you can’t have your rewards in the future either. Why wait until x is right or y is done, or z conditions are in place? There is never a perfect time or place, there is only here and now. If we wish to achieve anything, we can only ever progress here and now.  Continue reading Procrastination