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Light at the End of the World – Buddhist Science of the Mind

The Buddhist Science of the Mind from Wade Davis on Vimeo.

This is a lovely documentary about a Western academic’s encounters with the lamas embodying the Tibetan Buddhist teachings.

Right Speech – Words are Worlds

Thought, speech and action are all intimately connected, form part of the same karmic chains. All condition each other, all are actions, all create ripples and effects,  all can form powerful manifestations. Transforming your speech reflects the whole path.

Your words, whether written or spoken, even whether said or unsaid, can cause suffering, sorrow and harm, but also great joy and inspiration, so choose them wisely as they echo in eternity. Continue reading Right Speech – Words are Worlds

Believing in Enlightenment – Existentialism, Doubt, Lemmings, and Hope

Creating the self. We are essentially a product of what we think about and our beliefs. Believing in enlightenment,  or tao, or approaching God, or some way of framing a goal  is important to keep us practising. This belief, simply put, changes our consciousness, and involves working with our consciousness in some way. Continue reading Believing in Enlightenment – Existentialism, Doubt, Lemmings, and Hope

Mantra – Words for Worlds, Echoes in Eternity


A mantra is essentially just some foreign words in a tune at first, and yet people seem to be finding meaning in them, even emotion. People are singing with all their hearts, harmonies are emerging, and it is beautiful. Something might touch you, an archetypal hand reaches out from the void. Eventually, you learn what the mantra evokes, indeed eventually you learn what all of the mantras evoke, and they are immense and vast and can leave one trembling, weeping even. Continue reading Mantra – Words for Worlds, Echoes in Eternity

What is God? Exploring Prayer, Concept and Limits, Surrender and Refuges.

It really is almost spring, there are a few flowers appearing, crocuses and snowdrops, which is a beautiful sight. Its been a long grey slog, with so much rain and awful winds. Im going to be brave and approach the unapproachable. I ask you to join me, to invoke a spirit of enquiry, of emptiness. One has to abandon labels and conceptions to approach the formless – the indefinable.

They say that religion is for those who fear hell, and that spirituality is for those who have already been there, and there is a truth in this but also a danger. I invite you to suspend judgement while you read this, to temporarily suspend disbelief, to let go of any labeling or judging. I dare you to let go of the limiting and defining egoic concept that says “I am this” or “I am that.” Lets explore this together. Continue reading What is God? Exploring Prayer, Concept and Limits, Surrender and Refuges.


He sits, on his cloud, working tirelessly to release beings from suffering. He took a vow. He will work until there is liberation for all that lives.

At one stage, it became too much, he lost heart and he thought of himself. On breaking this vow he was split into a thousand pieces.

Continue reading Avalokiteshvara

Welcome to The Way of Sunshine!



Hello and welcome to this site; I hope that you find some of the articles useful, inspiring and enlightening!

I am someone who has found a measure of happiness and serenity, a jewel forged in the fires of addiction and depression, and have practised and studied spiritual, psychological and religious teachings as if my life depended on it. It did.

I am so filled with gratitude to my teachers across space and time. It is as if after years of a cold dark hell, my face is warmed by the sun. Once filled and brightened by this sunshine, it is simply natural to wish to share it, to let it shine through me, in the hope that others might benefit.
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