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On Recovery – Hope and Inspiration

Yesterday I buried a friend. Today I saw a man who was broken, wretched, confused and reeking of insanitary hells and death, who had been thrown out of a car outside the meeting. I feel intensely moved to write about recovery, in the hope that someone somewhere may find some small hope or inspiration in these words. Continue reading On Recovery – Hope and Inspiration

Step One – Surrender and Acceptance

The first step on the path to recovery is to see and accept that there is a problem. For most of us, despite our best efforts to avoid this truth and deny the problem, it is pretty obvious. We know some people can drink and use until dead, but to even consider recovery we have come to realise that there is something badly wrong with our ‘habit.’

We have come to a place in life which is difficult, lonely, and full of fear. We are often depressed, anxious, and full of self hatred and self pity. We have probably suffered great losses due to our ‘problem,’ including relationships, jobs, health, wealth, and certainly our happiness. Continue reading Step One – Surrender and Acceptance

The Transcendent Fire of Change and Loss

Change often manifests as crisis, we lose a life we have constructed, we are stripped of who we were, the person who has this or that job, this or that relationship, and lives in this or that place. There is a golden opportunity and a power available to us during times of transition or crisis, to open to the great mystery and find new meaning and new possibilities.

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The White Fire of Vajrasattva – A Perfect Healing Meditation

O diamond warrior, purify my karma, meet me as we transcend time and space. Honour my potential, and bless me with your purifying, glistening healing nectar of white light. Restores us to our true home and our true nature.

Radiance. Shunyata. White Fire.

An experience of coming home so pure and true as to echo through eternity.
Dynamite vajra prince, smash my selfishness asunder, heal me of my greed and my foolishness. Hero fight by my side as I face down all demons. Lend me your gaze of white fire. Let me sit with you in boundless pure light.

Great Protector, Love me passionately. May your diamond blaze melt all that stands between me and the truth. I dissolve into you, bond sealed across space and time.

Vajrasattva nature pure like the sun, shining scintillating rainbows through the universal fields, helping lotuses everywhere grow and bloom.

Let us stand nowhere, striving side by side beyond space and time to release all beings from their suffering, so that all that lives may be free.

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Happiness Lies in the Appreciation of Beauty

To love beauty is to see light.

Victor Hugo
Free Image from Pexels
Free Image from Pexels


It doesn’t matter what mental state you find yourself in, they change all the time, but I guarantee that if you are able to get out into nature, it will improve. Even if you simply start to take stock of the positive, if you start to see what is around you with gratitude and through the eyes of appreciation, if you can practise seeing the beauty, then uplift will follow .

To simply go for a walk, to see the world, especially nature, cannot help but lift low spirits and confused minds. Looking outward, dropping commentary, dropping into the body. To walk amidst the change of the weathers and the seasons, and see that each is unique and beautiful, this is the path of happiness.

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A Letter to the Addict – A Seed of Hope and a Lamp for the Path

Let me  take you on a journey, from the hells of addiction to the peaks of experience. I wish I had heard this when I was younger, so please allow me to give you a gift, a gift I need to give.

We all seek a refuge in life, we all seek happiness and freedom. Drugs and alcohol are an easy way out, a well trod path from pain. Sadly though, they lead to more suffering.

Addiction is very much like a cave system, you leave the world and go into a warm and inviting room. A cosy pub or party, with smiles and beautiful,  jolly people. You like it there, and you want to stay. Your social life is now a search for this feeling of cosiness, of security, of confidence, of smiles. Continue reading A Letter to the Addict – A Seed of Hope and a Lamp for the Path

You Say You Can’t Meditate?

So many people say that they can’t meditate, often after perhaps trying it just a few times! Their mind is just a jumble, so it must be beyond them. Well we all are like that in the beginning, so welcome to the mind, to the monkey-mind.

There is nothing special and different about you, it is not as if your mind is wired differently or damaged uniquely, all mind craves and suffers. Continue reading You Say You Can’t Meditate?

Flow, and The Changing of Difficult Emotions

I had an experience of some difficult or painful emotions over the weekend. There is no need to go into the story around the emotions, suffice to say that it led me to seek out ways to change the way I was feeling. I chose to do this through food, having given up anything else I could possibly use!

I know the theories, I understand that food or anything else cant help, or change the feeling. I wanted comfort, I wanted avoidance, from some painful feelings.

So I acted out, and promptly felt even worse, frustrated with myself and sad. So eventually I did what I should have done straight away, I turned towards it. Continue reading Flow, and The Changing of Difficult Emotions

Karma and the Now – Purifying the Old Threads and Creating the New

In its simplest sense, karma is like a neural pathway, a pattern of thinking made regular, a pattern of habit made into effect. Cause and effect, this being that becomes, this ceasing to be that ceasing to be. There is only one thing we can do about the karma that is forming our consciousness and our world in this exact moment, and that is to set an intention to create new and positive karma. In this exact moment karma is forming, and this is worthy of reflection.

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What is God? Exploring Prayer, Concept and Limits, Surrender and Refuges.

It really is almost spring, there are a few flowers appearing, crocuses and snowdrops, which is a beautiful sight. Its been a long grey slog, with so much rain and awful winds. Im going to be brave and approach the unapproachable. I ask you to join me, to invoke a spirit of enquiry, of emptiness. One has to abandon labels and conceptions to approach the formless – the indefinable.

They say that religion is for those who fear hell, and that spirituality is for those who have already been there, and there is a truth in this but also a danger. I invite you to suspend judgement while you read this, to temporarily suspend disbelief, to let go of any labeling or judging. I dare you to let go of the limiting and defining egoic concept that says “I am this” or “I am that.” Lets explore this together. Continue reading What is God? Exploring Prayer, Concept and Limits, Surrender and Refuges.