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Free Guided Meditation – The Breath

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath

Amit Ray

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Before I learned how to meditate, I remember how thoughts and mind states seemed so solid and real. My mind was me, my thoughts were my thoughts. Then I learned that you can create your own consciousness, create your own reactions, thoughts and mind states. Continue reading Free Guided Meditation – The Breath

Flow, and The Changing of Difficult Emotions

I had an experience of some difficult or painful emotions over the weekend. There is no need to go into the story around the emotions, suffice to say that it led me to seek out ways to change the way I was feeling. I chose to do this through food, having given up anything else I could possibly use!

I know the theories, I understand that food or anything else cant help, or change the feeling. I wanted comfort, I wanted avoidance, from some painful feelings.

So I acted out, and promptly felt even worse, frustrated with myself and sad. So eventually I did what I should have done straight away, I turned towards it. Continue reading Flow, and The Changing of Difficult Emotions

Giving up Smoking – How I Did It

In the mind of a smoker, the concept of giving up looms ominously like a giant black raincloud. The dread, the fear, so stressful that we need to light up again. It seems impossible, we associate it with massive suffering, psychological torture, and never being happy or at ease ever again. Continue reading Giving up Smoking – How I Did It