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New Year – Resolutions, Reflections, and Random Acts of Kindness

It’s the perfect time to reflect on the year, now we are past the frenetic Christmas rush. Many people are off work this week and have some time to pause, take stock, and plot a new course.

Like a ship in port, sometimes we need to look at what cargo we are carrying, and work out what we would like to add to our inventory. We may need to make physical repairs, cosmetic improvements, or perhaps there is inner work to be done. Perhaps the engine needs greasing, or the mind needs cleaning, maybe motivation needs stoking and maps pored over, to plot new and exciting journeys. Continue reading New Year – Resolutions, Reflections, and Random Acts of Kindness

Giving up Smoking – How I Did It

In the mind of a smoker, the concept of giving up looms ominously like a giant black raincloud. The dread, the fear, so stressful that we need to light up again. It seems impossible, we associate it with massive suffering, psychological torture, and never being happy or at ease ever again. Continue reading Giving up Smoking – How I Did It


I have just taken off two stone in weight using juicing and exercise!

I watched a video called Fat sick and Nearly Dead, by an Aussie called Joe. I was watching this because I had less than a month before my wedding and feel like I want to lose a few pounds. I did a detox in the autumn called Clean, which I wrote about, so I was already looking in the right places to come across a juice fast or cleanse. Continue reading JUICING – DELICIOUS DETOX and WEIGHT LOSS!


What is it you wish you did that you don’t?

What do you put off for whatever reason?

You can’t live in the future, and you can’t have your rewards in the future either. Why wait until x is right or y is done, or z conditions are in place? There is never a perfect time or place, there is only here and now. If we wish to achieve anything, we can only ever progress here and now.  Continue reading Procrastination