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The White Fire of Vajrasattva – A Perfect Healing Meditation

O diamond warrior, purify my karma, meet me as we transcend time and space. Honour my potential, and bless me with your purifying, glistening healing nectar of white light. Restores us to our true home and our true nature.

Radiance. Shunyata. White Fire.

An experience of coming home so pure and true as to echo through eternity.
Dynamite vajra prince, smash my selfishness asunder, heal me of my greed and my foolishness. Hero fight by my side as I face down all demons. Lend me your gaze of white fire. Let me sit with you in boundless pure light.

Great Protector, Love me passionately. May your diamond blaze melt all that stands between me and the truth. I dissolve into you, bond sealed across space and time.

Vajrasattva nature pure like the sun, shining scintillating rainbows through the universal fields, helping lotuses everywhere grow and bloom.

Let us stand nowhere, striving side by side beyond space and time to release all beings from their suffering, so that all that lives may be free.

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Seeking Positivity in Meditation and in Life

In life and in meditation,  if you look for and focus on the positive factors, or the dhyana factors, then they become apparent. They appear, become available, and then seem to flourish under the light of our gentle gaze. Dhyana is a state of deep and blissful meditative concentration or absorption.

There is a good reason why gratitude is a large part of many spiritual awakenings, as it is a way of focusing on what is right, what is good, what is pleasurable or bright in your experience. It is a way of training the mind to see what is bright, forging new pathways to appreciation and eventually a blissful relishing of experience.

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Guided Metta Meditation – Limitless Blessings

Padmasambhava said of this practice that it was a very powerful kind of magic, and I believe him. I remember many years ago sitting on a bus and suddenly becoming aware of the fact that I had been  simply radiating loving kindness to all the other passengers. After a short period of practice  my psyche was transformed, such a shift from the usual self-centred mind drivel.

It works on so many levels, on the level of self love, on the level of not discriminating, on the level of growing your love, your friendliness, and your empathy. It works to build community and dissolve anger and hatred, and helps you work with the subtle energies in you that lead to these states. The little jealousies and intolerances, the judgements, they can’t survive in the radiant glare of kindly awareness. Continue reading Guided Metta Meditation – Limitless Blessings

Happiness Lies in the Appreciation of Beauty

To love beauty is to see light.

Victor Hugo
Free Image from Pexels
Free Image from Pexels


It doesn’t matter what mental state you find yourself in, they change all the time, but I guarantee that if you are able to get out into nature, it will improve. Even if you simply start to take stock of the positive, if you start to see what is around you with gratitude and through the eyes of appreciation, if you can practise seeing the beauty, then uplift will follow .

To simply go for a walk, to see the world, especially nature, cannot help but lift low spirits and confused minds. Looking outward, dropping commentary, dropping into the body. To walk amidst the change of the weathers and the seasons, and see that each is unique and beautiful, this is the path of happiness.

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Positive Thinking – Learn Affirmations and Your First Meditation

Positive thinking is the basis for happiness.

The way to gain mastery of your thoughts and emotions is through meditation and discipline. Great awareness is needed to constantly notice and reframe the contents of consciousness.  Try this, just sit now and close your eyes for a few minutes with the aim of noticing what thoughts happen, and whether they are of a positive or a negative nature. Continue reading Positive Thinking – Learn Affirmations and Your First Meditation


When you watch a sky, every moment of cloudscape is impermanent, empty of any substance, like an illusionary dance. In that dance is  absolute singularity, every sunset a unique and beautiful emanation which will slowly flow into night.

Experience is like this, awareness of any moment in any place is totally unique. Never before has a being who is conditioned by the life you are, sat and read these words conditioned by another unique life.

In its utter uniqueness it is all both empty and heartburstingly beautiful. This sky, that smile.

Knowledge of its passing  lends beauty even more feeling, like the longing gaze at eternity from the point of view of a passing moment.

The tiny must yearn for the great, the separate for the whole, the one for union.

Experiences of full appreciation, often during or after meditation, in skygazing or in love, connect us to field, to oneness, to sunshine. Rushes of delight raise our body to sky, and like sunshine our union pervades everything we see or think of. As sunshine pervades the world, so ours does.

There is a reason why they reflect on insight after meditation. Light, open and expansive, there is natural appreciation and insight, there is raised consciousness. Gratitude and joy spontaneously arise.

So as the dancing sky of your experience, be it anywhere, flows and whirls and delights, make sure to notice. Have a look, and know who you are, the most full experience of the universe knowing itself.

Pure consciousness devoid of taint, watching the universe playing one of its beautiful solos and all there is is harmony.


A Letter to the Addict – A Seed of Hope and a Lamp for the Path

Let me  take you on a journey, from the hells of addiction to the peaks of experience. I wish I had heard this when I was younger, so please allow me to give you a gift, a gift I need to give.

We all seek a refuge in life, we all seek happiness and freedom. Drugs and alcohol are an easy way out, a well trod path from pain. Sadly though, they lead to more suffering.

Addiction is very much like a cave system, you leave the world and go into a warm and inviting room. A cosy pub or party, with smiles and beautiful,  jolly people. You like it there, and you want to stay. Your social life is now a search for this feeling of cosiness, of security, of confidence, of smiles. Continue reading A Letter to the Addict – A Seed of Hope and a Lamp for the Path

Beat Yourself Up? Parameters, Neuroplasticity and The Fire

We all compare ourselves to others, indeed, the people we know are usually the yardstick against which we measure ourselves. Whether our priorities are looking good, being wealthy, being kind, or being happy, we can all find people if not in our direct contact, in the eye of the media, to whom we find it hard to measure up.

I am reminded of the gap between what the artist can see in his mind, and what he is capable of producing. There is often the same gap in terms of who we are, and who we want to be. Continue reading Beat Yourself Up? Parameters, Neuroplasticity and The Fire

Flow, and The Changing of Difficult Emotions

I had an experience of some difficult or painful emotions over the weekend. There is no need to go into the story around the emotions, suffice to say that it led me to seek out ways to change the way I was feeling. I chose to do this through food, having given up anything else I could possibly use!

I know the theories, I understand that food or anything else cant help, or change the feeling. I wanted comfort, I wanted avoidance, from some painful feelings.

So I acted out, and promptly felt even worse, frustrated with myself and sad. So eventually I did what I should have done straight away, I turned towards it. Continue reading Flow, and The Changing of Difficult Emotions

Transformation of Suffering – Re-Wiring Self-Cherishing and Opening Out

Sometimes in life or in meditation there is suffering.

Loneliness. Feeling trapped. Feeling lost, confused. Unhappiness, feeling unfulfilled, something is not quite right. Continue reading Transformation of Suffering – Re-Wiring Self-Cherishing and Opening Out