Hello and welcome to this site; I hope that you find some of the articles useful, inspiring and enlightening!

I am someone who has found a measure of happiness and serenity, a jewel forged in the fires of addiction and depression, and have practised and studied spiritual, psychological and religious teachings as if my life depended on it. It did.

I am so filled with gratitude to my teachers across space and time. It is as if after years of a cold dark hell, my face is warmed by the sun. Once filled and brightened by this sunshine, it is simply natural to wish to share it, to let it shine through me, in the hope that others might benefit.

The wisdom I have picked up can easily now be shared with others, and I hope there will be concepts, advice, or practices recommended or discussed which will ultimately help reduce your suffering. I operate from the premise, like the buddha, that there is a fundamental suffering we experience, a suffering which arises from craving or its opposite, a suffering which can be treated. Our mind can be changed in every way, and with our mind we create our lives, thus our lives can be changed in every way.

I am however, going to remain anonymous, and I am going to do this for a reason. I wish to write from the higher self perspective, from the point of view of an enlightened being, or at least somebody whose advice will be taken seriously! I also don’t want the fear of what other people think to censor my writing, and I feel that anonymity will assist in the creative process.

I have walked many paths, studied many philosophies and religions, had a variety of mystical experiences, and through it all have come to understand that they all point to the same experience. Each religion at its very roots is the same, and it is only mankind’s egoic clinging which creates difference and conflict. So another premise I operate from is that there are many paths to the same goal, many names for the goal, many schools of thought built up around and defending these names. I believe each path is valid and worthy, and all can lead to enlightenment or union with God.

I came to experience God, or the Tao, or the Buddhafield, or True Nature, or Higher Self, or Spirit, or Universe, or whatever you feel like calling it as sunlight or sunshine. Whenever in meditation I have experienced infinite light and love it has been just like sitting in infinite warm sunshine. If in prayer I felt I was with God, I felt as though the sun was on my face. This led me to meditate in the sunshine whenever I could. I would like to share with you the way of sunshine, or really A way of sunshine!

A warm, golden light which can be filled or can be found to be filled with love or compassion. Every culture used to worship the sun, and the film “Zeitgeist” shows us that the myths of many religious systems are rooted in astrology and the movements of the heavens and the sun in our sky. Many cultures overtly worship sun-gods, other more metaphorically.

Sunshine is what we are made of, what our food is made of, and there would be no life or consciousness without that sunshine. This is fairly obvious or intuitive, but I would like to draw your attention to the deeper level of sunlight, the light which pervades all things, the field from which all form appears. The basic luminosity behind all we can see and touch, the field of dreams from which manifestations form.

This said, I am a committed Buddhist, and practice and teach buddhist meditation, because for me this is what works. I also believe that the dharma, the buddha’s teachings, are so very beautiful and beneficial, especially in this age of self, this age of greed. I choose to practice within the Triratna tradition. For me, this is where I have found the most effective tools, guidance  and companionship for the Way.

I am not afraid to make links, and use the language of other traditions to help describe experiences which are ultimately beyond words. When you have had certain experiences, the language of mystics from anywhere in space and time is understood.

My religious training has led me to believe that the highest purpose in life is to live and work for the sake of all that lives. May the blessings and merit gained in my acting thus  go to the alleviation of the suffering of all beings, situated throughout space and time. Buddhism calls this the bodhisattva vow – the dedication of your life to end the suffering in this realm. This is what inspires and fuels this site and this writing, and I hope it may light a similar fire in you, for this is the life of life.


II – Another piece of writing about this blog which belongs on this page:

I hope in this writing, in this blog not necessarily to teach, but to invite exploration. I also see it as a way of writing myself out of depression, which I sometimes suffer from. I also see it optimistically as a service, for if ideas here help me ascend from the the depths of depression or anxiety, then perhaps they will also help others. I would love it if people find it inspiring or even just interesting.

This spirit of giving and of service is very dear to my heart, both in AA and the world I seek to be kind, to offer all I have in fellowship. I seek to live in love and not in fear. There are probably different narrative voices in this blog, as the parts of me that need healing come to the fore, or the stronger more confident elements seek to teach and inspire. Strands weaving, hopefully good strong rope.

I am aware that in self-help or spiritual material, often we feel we need to believe that someone has all the answers, and maybe there are those that feel they do or even do. I offer my voice with the vulnerability it has in it, any offerings or teachings I have acknowledge other teachers and authors, as well as my wounding and character defects. I quest for spiritual progress, and do not claim perfection.

How can I, with my life so flawed, my psyche so warped and wilted in parts? Just as the Earth has its wastelands, and murky swamps as well as its majestic mountains and its calm lakes. Just like the weather has its brutal storms and warm sunshine, just as the water its mirror dawn pastels, its gentle flows and crashing waves. There is always change, always yin and yang, for this world is not always love and peace, enlightened, and nor am I.

I must also say that this is a snapshot in an evolving understanding of all things spiritual, and this kind of material is by definition beyond words. For me, this blog is an attempt to describe a beauty that is both not of this earth and very much alive in it, it is an attempt to describe the indescribable.




All writing and recordings except quoted material are copyright and registered, but I am more than happy for my writing and my recordings to be shared freely, so more may benefit, with a link to this site.

I am always looking for beautiful images for the site, so I would be very grateful for any contributions.

Lastly, this is a labour of love, of generosity. All the articles and recordings are freely given, but I too must live in the world of money and things, so any donations or reciprocal generosity would be very gratefully received.

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  1. I have just enjoyed one of your guided meditations from you tube and it has resulted in me checking out your website which is full of great stories and messages – wishing you well and happiness

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