Free Guided Meditation – The Breath

If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath

Amit Ray

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Before I learned how to meditate, I remember how thoughts and mind states seemed so solid and real. My mind was me, my thoughts were my thoughts. Then I learned that you can create your own consciousness, create your own reactions, thoughts and mind states. Continue reading Free Guided Meditation – The Breath

Poisons, Antidotes and the Mechanics of Insight

At the centre of the Tibetan Wheel of Life we find three animals; the cock, the snake and the pig, chasing each others tails as if perpetually chasing each other round and round. They represent the three ‘kilesas,’ the root poisons, the roots of unskilfulness, which are greed hatred and delusion, or craving, ill will and ignorance.

These are no abstract concepts, make no mistake these are the forces of all ill in the world, and they are in you right now, and cause great suffering.

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Sungazing Film

This is not the reason for the name of this blog, thought it is a practise I am interested in. I shouldn’t really recommend it as there may be risks to the eyes.

I live somewhere where I can see the sun go down over the ocean, so I am no stranger to sky gazing. Last night I had a magical experience with the sunlight playing in my eyes, such beauty as I cannot express. Of course I tried though, and the articles are coming soon.



I was blissed out and lazily eyeing the sinking sun. It was a beautiful orange, blazing and dancing with my eyelashes. I played with my vision, allowing my eyes to almost close, when I noticed a strange field of light. In it were amazing patterns, rainbows rippling and spreading in circles, laser shows, and light playing as if underwater.

I imagined that the sun was as God or Buddha, the dazzling light with its attendant rainbows was like the healing light that we can visualise. The sun is my heart, then it is my other chakras, in turn, breathing in the brightness to illuminate my chakras and my third eye. Mind sunlight, sunlight mind. Heart sunlight, sunlight heart.

Again and again, and you have to use it to see it, I see sunlight as metta, breathing in metta, breathing out metta and letting it be as bright and dazzling, as warming and nourishing as sunshine, as it radiates from the heart to light all beings.


You Say You Can’t Meditate?

So many people say that they can’t meditate, often after perhaps trying it just a few times! Their mind is just a jumble, so it must be beyond them. Well we all are like that in the beginning, so welcome to the mind, to the monkey-mind.

There is nothing special and different about you, it is not as if your mind is wired differently or damaged uniquely, all mind craves and suffers. Continue reading You Say You Can’t Meditate?

Meditation: Preparation and Ritual

Sometimes we forget that our meditation sessions are so directly affected by what we have been doing prior. Our whole day runs through our mind when we try to sit, or it does for me anyway, and similarly when I sit often a barrage of things I have to do comes up. Sometimes it helps to have a notepad nearby in case something seems essential.

Often after excitement or exercise or conversation, it takes ages to settle. It helps to have a clear conscience and to be settled emotionally. That said, sometimes when I have been sad or angry and sat with it, turning it into a meditation on suffering and  its causes, on compassion, can be incredibly powerful and transformative. Continue reading Meditation: Preparation and Ritual

Mind the Gap – Mindfulness and Boarding Psychic Trains

Mindfulness, a term so often used nowadays, so often removed from the context of a system of spiritual development. One might even say it has been commercialised, turned into a brand, a product. True mindfulness cannot be achieved without the elements which support its development; ethics, wisdom and meditation are a tripod that support spiritual development, they hold up the path.

Mindfulness is essentially guarding the senses, or rather, guarding the consciousness of all six sense inputs (five plus mind) to prevent proliferation occurring. This means that when a smell, a sound, a sight, or a thought arises, we are alert enough to be aware that a sense impression has arisen, and that if we jump on board reactive thought trains, we will soon be lost in fantasy or anger or craving. Continue reading Mind the Gap – Mindfulness and Boarding Psychic Trains

Seeding Planetary Karma – How to Effect Change

I woke up this morning with a vision, whether from dreams or the ether, or from the simple conditions of reflection and writing about dharma and ecology, from the frustrations and the wish to change the way we live in a meaningful way. I wrote an article about purifying our karma, about taking charge of the network of conditions that is creating our personal reality and forming our daily lives and our levels of happiness (here) and this vision was to apply the same principles to the world.

There is a shift happening, all the conditions are forming for change. Just as the present world is formed by layer after layer of conditions, just as it is dependent on certain conditions, attitudes or beliefs, on certain economic realities, so it is certain to pass away due to conditions and changing perceptions, attitudes and beliefs. Reality, or the world, is like a garden, and we are its gardeners. Continue reading Seeding Planetary Karma – How to Effect Change

Skygazing – Dzogchen and Opening to Skylike Mind

I was skygazing this evening, coming home to sky, to drifting beauty. Sitting, reflecting, practising, and breathing out my small self to dissolve into the edgeless sky, like gently dissolving the ego into emptiness.

I want to explore the ways we can expand our consciousness through relaxation and meditation exercises. Ways of merging with the greater and vaster awareness that we feel separate from. I will describe a meditation involving looking at a beautiful sky, a lovely practice for a summers evening!


When a strong wind blows, the clouds vanish and blue sky appears. Similarly, when the powerful wisdom that understand the nature of the mind arises, the dark clouds of ego disappear.

Lama Yeshe

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The Art and the Nature of True and Lasting Happiness

May I be well, may I be happy, may I be free from suffering.

May you be well, may you be happy, may you be free from suffering.

May they be well, may they be happy, may they be free from suffering.

May all be well, may all be happy, may all be free from suffering.


Metta Bhavana Meditation


We use these phrases in our meditation, essentially to take well-wishing and open it out to include all that lives. Metta is deep welling kindness, a selfless brightness, a dazzling fire that totally transforms us. Continue reading The Art and the Nature of True and Lasting Happiness

To Breathe in Sunlight – Working with Chakras and Light in Meditation

Recently I have been finding this meditation practice useful for grounding, and bodywork. I now often use this technique start to my meditation, to bring me into my body and then beyond. You can use it as a technique in any meditation or as a meditation in itself.

You can introduce elements of it into the mindfulness of breathing, the metta bhavana, or visualisation, although it is good to practise the strict forms as well, I like a range of tools to help me into deep concentration. This helps me incorporate body, dissolve body, and enter skylike awareness. Continue reading To Breathe in Sunlight – Working with Chakras and Light in Meditation