Right Speech – Words are Worlds

Thought, speech and action are all intimately connected, form part of the same karmic chains. All condition each other, all are actions, all create ripples and effects,  all can form powerful manifestations. Transforming your speech reflects the whole path.

Your words, whether written or spoken, even whether said or unsaid, can cause suffering, sorrow and harm, but also great joy and inspiration, so choose them wisely as they echo in eternity. Continue reading Right Speech – Words are Worlds

Beat Yourself Up? Parameters, Neuroplasticity and The Fire

We all compare ourselves to others, indeed, the people we know are usually the yardstick against which we measure ourselves. Whether our priorities are looking good, being wealthy, being kind, or being happy, we can all find people if not in our direct contact, in the eye of the media, to whom we find it hard to measure up.

I am reminded of the gap between what the artist can see in his mind, and what he is capable of producing. There is often the same gap in terms of who we are, and who we want to be. Continue reading Beat Yourself Up? Parameters, Neuroplasticity and The Fire

Flow, and The Changing of Difficult Emotions

I had an experience of some difficult or painful emotions over the weekend. There is no need to go into the story around the emotions, suffice to say that it led me to seek out ways to change the way I was feeling. I chose to do this through food, having given up anything else I could possibly use!

I know the theories, I understand that food or anything else cant help, or change the feeling. I wanted comfort, I wanted avoidance, from some painful feelings.

So I acted out, and promptly felt even worse, frustrated with myself and sad. So eventually I did what I should have done straight away, I turned towards it. Continue reading Flow, and The Changing of Difficult Emotions

Rejoicing – A Vision of Hope and the Map for the Journey

It is so wonderful, so important, so momentous and world-shattering, that people one by one are stepping onto and journeying along spiritual paths. Every little awakening, every prayer, and every step is to be rejoiced and celebrated.

As a being makes an effort to guard their senses, to take responsibility of their ever changing flow of mental and emotional states, they also take responsibility by default, for their actions and their effects on the world. This happens naturally, as our mind states are directly affected by our actions.


Continue reading Rejoicing – A Vision of Hope and the Map for the Journey

Danger – May Cause Awakening!

Free Image from Pixabay
Free Image from Pixabay



I  warn you that this piece of writing has the potential to destroy your concepts, your mind is liable to shattering and dissolving. So please feel sane, feel happy and healthy before reading. Continue reading Danger – May Cause Awakening!

No Self?

What is meant by the Buddhist doctrine of no-self?

Mistakes abound in interpreting this, falling mostly into eternal and nihilistic views. It is not to be confused with no self-development, in fact a recognition of no-self, is to refuse to allow the being to stop developing. Continue reading No Self?

Who Knew the Breath was the Doorway to the Heavens?

The breath, so important, our main nourishment. A universe of experience in a breath. The direct path to presence and stillness, vastness, infinite, is by surfing each breath. Moment by moment, breath by breath, session by session, we go deeper and expand and open further.

An anchor from distraction, we return again and again, letting judgement and criticism fall away like our thoughts. They just dissolve as our awareness opens instantly around them, leaving nothing for them to hold on to. Continue reading Who Knew the Breath was the Doorway to the Heavens?

How Do Your Beliefs Condition Your Life?

We see our lives in various ways, in diverse lights, and set the way we live against diverse systems of understanding and making sense of this life. We are. We exist. We have a body so we see and hear and smell and taste and touch. We process this, and we think. However we see consciousness, we think, we exist.

Beliefs and frameworks are optional, and can be very comforting. The Buddha exhorted his disciples to question everything, and to accept the validity of diverse paths. Once there, all beliefs, structures, and all rafts across the oceans of samsara fall away. Continue reading How Do Your Beliefs Condition Your Life?

Awakening Bodhicitta: Kamalashila, Rainbows and Tonglen

The awakening of bodhicitta, the will to attain the end of suffering as all beings and not as a self, begins with an acknowledgement of whats there, whats real.

How you relate to self and other is always in your experience somewhere, and watching, with a kind mind, the tendencies you have to react to others’ suffering, to the terrible problems in the world, is the first step. What is your raw material? Continue reading Awakening Bodhicitta: Kamalashila, Rainbows and Tonglen