Meditating in Nature, and Sitting in the Sunshine

I learned about this when I was working with a group called Buddhafield, who put on camping retreats. Its an amazing setup, everything is done in the open air or in yurts or large domes, with the meditation or shrine tent made with saplings and canvas, with candles and thangkas inside it with a beautiful shrine.

I used to prefer meditating in the open air, especially when the sun was out. I was in charge of the hot tubs on some retreats which meant I was next to the river tending the fires. I created a grotto, with hanging tealights in red jars, a little platform over the stream which I could sit on, and my little library. I was in a heaven really, ensuring the tubs were hot and people were happy and their time in the tubs was relaxing. There was nothing better after a long days meditation and puja than getting naked in a hot tub under the stars, which are very clear in Devon. Continue reading Meditating in Nature, and Sitting in the Sunshine

Inspiration, Synchronicity, and Following the Signs

There are periods of my life when the universe speaks to me, when I see signs. Am I mad, affected, probably? Am I a shaman, perhaps? Am I in touch with some higher power, definitely!

The first time it happened to me was undeniably a psychosis of sorts, it was drug fuelled. I made connections, wove a web in my mind, my imagination began to work against me. I do have a wild imagination, always have done. Continue reading Inspiration, Synchronicity, and Following the Signs

The Warrior and the Creative Path – Demons and Doubts

If, like  me, you have shunned the suit and tie and are bravely plowing ahead with your craft, then, like me, there will be demons and dragons to face on the road. It can be a long, hard road. Be it writing, music, art, starting your own business, or being self-employed, the pitfalls are similar and can be categorized. In the eyes of the world; or at lest as far as you think, you may be a failure..but sometimes we must travel desolate lands to reach greener pastures. Continue reading The Warrior and the Creative Path – Demons and Doubts

Giving up Smoking – How I Did It

In the mind of a smoker, the concept of giving up looms ominously like a giant black raincloud. The dread, the fear, so stressful that we need to light up again. It seems impossible, we associate it with massive suffering, psychological torture, and never being happy or at ease ever again. Continue reading Giving up Smoking – How I Did It


He sits, on his cloud, working tirelessly to release beings from suffering. He took a vow. He will work until there is liberation for all that lives.

At one stage, it became too much, he lost heart and he thought of himself. On breaking this vow he was split into a thousand pieces.

Continue reading Avalokiteshvara

Beautiful D.H. Lawrence Poem

‘…a movement from within, urging you to
leave the safety of the known.

It is a deep and organic process,
very much like when the seed, contained, perfect in itself,
is moved from within by an unstoppable yearning
to taste itself in all its expressions.

Continue reading Beautiful D.H. Lawrence Poem


Our ego, or egoic consciousness, dominates our world. Even if we are aware of it, even if we work with it, fight against it, it still seems to be there. It is the tragic force in us which has to make us right, by forming our identity according to our thoughts and ideas that we like. It will defend us, by making us furious that someone dares argue with the idea that we have made a part of us. It can kill, and does kill.

The same force is present globally, any human entity or institution seems to have an ego. This could be a company, a church, a religion, a club, a country, even a race or species.

As with the mental poisons of greed, hatred and delusion, we must work with it in ourselves before we can hope to see its influence gone in the world. Continue reading EGO, THE FINAL FRONTIER

Free Hypnosis for Depression – Beautiful and Profound Relaxation and Healing

A gift for anybody suffering at the moment; we all go through times of suffering, and sometimes a little comfort is needed. Lie back, put on some headphones, relax, and listen to some beautiful spiritual comfort and wisdom. Continue reading Free Hypnosis for Depression – Beautiful and Profound Relaxation and Healing


I have just taken off two stone in weight using juicing and exercise!

I watched a video called Fat sick and Nearly Dead, by an Aussie called Joe. I was watching this because I had less than a month before my wedding and feel like I want to lose a few pounds. I did a detox in the autumn called Clean, which I wrote about, so I was already looking in the right places to come across a juice fast or cleanse. Continue reading JUICING – DELICIOUS DETOX and WEIGHT LOSS!

Taoist Breathing Meditation

Do you have patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear?

Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?

Lao Tzu (c.604 – 531 B.C.)

We all know how to breathe, without a doubt it is as familiar as our hands or our seeing. I have worked with breath in meditation for fifteen years or so and I have recently discovered a whole new depth. That song a whole new world is now ringing through my mind!

I was doing the Taoist breathing methods as taught by the venerable Bruce Kumar Frantzis. I read his book again recently, and found a few audiobooks and guided meditations which was exciting. I worked with Taoist meditation I think before I came across vanilla Buddhist meditation (mindfulness of breathing and metta)

So in a sense it was a trip down memory lane, and in a sense it was literally a whole new world inside my body. Continue reading Taoist Breathing Meditation